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With the creation of a new brand, it was only necessary to create new hashtags for my business as well!!  I am pretty excited about this blog post (probably a little too excited)!  But I have been looking forward to sharing these since last Monday when the AHP brand first launched!!  

It may sounds silly to be so excited over a hashtag, but I am most excited to give clients and friends a simple, easy way to view my online portfolio before ever even reaching my website!!

The first hashtag that I will be utilizing is #AbbyHudsonPhotography .  This will give a clear link to include all of my session images!

I could go on for days with multiple different hashtags that would represent each area of my business, but instead, I have decided to keep it short and sweet!  Since weddings and senior sessions have become the two areas that I am dedicating most of my time, I thought it was only appropriate for these to have their own hashtag!!   #SeniorsOfAHP and #BridesOfAHP

Last but not least- I will also be utilizing #BehindTheScenesOfAHP !!  I am most excited about this one because from the beginning of this business, I have felt so passionately about being an open book and allowing others to follow along in my journey!  What better way to continue with this than to create a hashtag to follow along!!

I will be updating Instagram and Facebook soon to reflect these fun new hashtags and begin categorizing my work!  I would love it if you all could help as well!!  If you post an image that we have took together during a session, don’t forget to tag Abby Hudson Photography and use the hashtag that best fits your session!!




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