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I have had one of those weeks where I am constantly wondering how I am going to keep it together.  This week has been packed full with a running to do list that seems to grow twice as large every time that I cross one thing off.  With this in mind, I thought I would use today’s Faith + Full Time Focus post to talk about rest, balance, giving yourself the grace, and allowing yourself time to just be

That would be a great post and I will probably end up writing about it someday- but today is not the day.  Here is the hard truth about chasing your dreams.  It requires hustle.  ((Nope, requires isn’t the right word)) It demands hustle.  It demands hard work and sometimes that means that you wake up hours before your day job to work on your dream job, then staying up until the early morning hours to continue working on your dream job, and then waking up again early the next day just to commence the hustle all over again.  Some weeks it really is just not the time to take a break and some days it is nearly impossible to take one even if you wanted to.

As creatives, I know that we all go through periods like this when we feel overwhelmed by the demands of a growing business… What I have learned is that sometimes the solution is not rest… Sometimes we need to keep pushing through and the solution is the pure fact that the heart that we are investing into our businesses every day is enough to help us keep the fire burning and help us through to the other side.

If you are feeling this way too, my advice to you {and to myself} is this..

Rather than wasting energy stressing over the hustle, Focus on the heart.  

Remember how full our hearts feel when we accomplish another milestone in our businesses.  Remember how lucky we are to have growing, thriving business.  Remember how amazing it feels to wake up every day and do what we love.  Keep going strong and stay focused on getting the job done.  Maybe next week will be better and maybe next week will allow for some time dedicated to rest.  Until then, hang in there and know that you are not alone.

We are creatives.  We dream big dreams.  We set out into the world each day with amazing goals that we hope to accomplish.  It can be exhausting and it can be draining.  Just remember that the results of our hard work and the joy that it brings to our hearts is so worth it!

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