Faith + Full Time Focus | A Second Big Announcement + The Creation of a New Chapter

Another Friday, another Faith + Full Time Focus post!  Yes, I am loving this new series and I really hope that you are too!  

When I started this journey- photography was just a hobby.  When I finally decided to start taking my interests more seriously- I knew I needed to give my soon to be business a name.  I spent time thinking and thinking some more trying to compose the perfect name.  ”So many people have their name plus photography after it, I want something different” were my exact words.  So after a while, I decided on Hudson Way Photography.  It was personalized with my last name and by adding “Way” to the middle, it made it unique and no one else had it!  Hudson Way Photography was the start to a new adventure and I was more excited than ever!  

The further I got into this business and the more business picked up, I realized how important branding is.  Your brand is your identity.  It needs to reflect the core values and purpose of your business.  I struggled for a while trying to create a consistent brand for Hudson Way.  I went through countless logos thinking that if I had the right logo, then the branding would all just figure itself out.  When I finally decided on a logo I was very happy with, I still felt as though something was missing and just not quite adding up.  I had no clear vision. Honestly, at one point I imagined that my perfect brand would come from the perfect business card!  The struggle was real, friends!  

Just recently however, I had a breakthrough… which leads me to some exciting news!

I realized, that I am my brand.  Every time I meet a new client, I am introducing those clients to me.  I am selling the experience that I deliver to clients when they book a session with me.  Every blog post contains a little piece of my heart.  Every social media post is about my life.  And every joy, every challenge, every triumph- is me and my journey This business is part of who I am.

So why was my brand not reflecting that?!  Exactly!  It all clicked… I am my brand.

That leads me to the BIG announcement that was promised last week!

My business will soon have a new name.  A new look. A new direction.  The newest chapter to my dream and a wonderful new beginning.

Hudson Way Photography will soon be changed to Abby Hudson Photography!

I am working with Maghon from All She Wrote Notes to create a fresh new logo and is being created right now!!  

Some may disagree with the change- but I feel in my heart that this is the right direction and by understanding that I am my brand and my brand needs to reflect that- I think thatI am opening the door to more opportunities, more growth, and more of an exceptional experience being delivered as I connect with my clients.  

Be on the lookout for the official countdown to the launch of my new brand!  I am so excited to share this new chapter with you, friends!

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