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Friends, there are some really amazing things happening #BehindTheScenesOfAHP.   It been an amazing journey and I am so thankful that you have been following along… Some of you have been following since the beginning and I love the community of support that y’all have created for me.  Some of you have just started following and I want to say welcome to the family.  I am so happy to have you both!

With this community of followers and support in mind, I thought what better blog for today than to update you on all of the exciting things happening in my business!!  You know, Give you a little glimpse of what you can look forward to seeing from AHP in the following months!

Finishing Out 2015 Strong

December:  I was certain that December would be a slow month for business…. I was wrong!!  Example: This weekend alone I have two couples sessions, one senior session, and two family sessions… in two days!!  And the remainder of the month is booked as well!!  Seriously, I am so blessed!!

Things to Come in The New Year

Business Logistics: Abby Hudson Photography is going to be an LLC!!  How exciting is that!!  A huge shout out to the lawyer I am working with for crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s for me in the process!

AHP Styled Shoot: Yup, you heard me!!  I am currently working with an event designer out of Fredericksburg named Dechle of Darian and Dechle Events and we are collaborating together on a styled shoot for early 2016!  The shoot is going to be reflective of a complete wedding day (with all the pretty details you would expect!) and it is also going to be very reflective of the AHP brand!

Scheduled Sessions:  To even be discussing the fact that I have jobs scheduled for 2016 is ah-mazing.  Thankful is an understatement!  So far, this is what next year looks like for me…

1 senior session, 2 engagement sessions, 2 couple’s sessions, 3 family sessions, and 2 weddings!!

To some, that may not sound like much.  But to me considering that the year has not even begun, it sounds like my dreams are coming true.  Everyone starts somewhere and if I hadn’t of taken such a leap of faith this year, then I wouldn’t have these sessions on the calendar already!!  I am so excited to work with so many amazing clients next year.  I am most excited about my fabulous #BridesOfAHP!! Both of them seriously are the perfect example of an AHP Bride and I just know that we are a perfect fit for each other!!

So!  These are a few of the fun things that are just around the corner for Abby Hudson Photography.  I know that this is just a very small beginning to a seriously fantastic year to come!!  I can’t wait to share so many of these amazing moments and beautiful images with y’all!  Stay tuned for sure!

As a side note- I just want to say that a year ago, this all seemed impossible to me.  I never thought I could do this and yet here I am rocking out in the middle of a growing business and already making plans and penciling in clients for a year that has not even arrived yet!!  If you have a dream in your heart and the passion for that dream is running through your blood like fire, I seriously am proof that you should take the steps to make your dream a reality.

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

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