Faith + Full Time Focus | A Big Announcement for AHP

Hi friends!!!  A Faith + Full Time Focus post on a Monday?!  I know, crazy right?!  With the massive snow storm that was making its way into Virginia, I thought it was best to wait until after the chaos had passed before launching this post.  {For selfish reasons, of course, because of the fact that I am crazy excited about sharing my big news and wanted to make sure that you all could see it!!!}

If you are following AHP along on Instagram and Facebook, then you know I have been anticipating today’s arrival to reveal a huge announcement!!

When I first started this business, I had so many questions.  I knew where I was with the hobby-turned- budding business and I could see the end goal of where I wanted to be, but I had no idea how to navigate the path between the two for AHP!  I stumbled quite a bit in the begining, but then I made a plan and I took actionable steps that have led me to the success that I have experienced in my business… Sound intriguing?? Want to learn more???

Well, this leads me to my big announcement!!!

I am about to reveal something that I (deep down) have wanted to do for a while, but never had the courage to say out loud. 

With the encouragement from one of my photographer friends (shout out to the ever so fabulous Ashley Powell) and a few extra encouraging nudges from my Tuesdays Together group, I decided to push fear to the side, and move forward with this!!

 After all, if fear of failure was the only thing holding me back from this thing that was growing inside my heart, then really I didnt have a very good excuse to not launch it!!!

With that being said….

Rather than making you wait through a 1000+ word blog post before the big reveal, you can click here for the big news!!!  Yay!!!! Enjoy friends!!! I can’t wait to chat with you after you read this!!!

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