Kelsey + Daniel | A University of Virginia Engagement Session

Oh friends!!  I have been so excited to share this gorgeous gallery with y’all for like three weeks!!  Well, ever since Kelsey + Daniel’s early April engagement session at the University of Virginia gardens!!

Kelsey + Daniel are from the Roanoke area, so I was a little surprised when Kelsey found me + reached out to me about wedding photography services!  Turns out, she found me through a mutual friend on Facebook!!  I am good friends with a milestone photographer in the Roanoke area, Kelsey went to school with her!!  I guess that just goes to show that if you surround yourself with people that are compatible with your heart + your values, more of those people will find their way into your life!!

Every email that she + I exchanged had me so excited to welcome them as client of AHP!  There was so much kindness in her words!!  So, obviously, I was overjoyed when we officially booked!!

From the first moment that I saw Kelsey + Daniel the day of their engagement session, they had the friendliest, truest smiles on their faces!!  I immediately was so comfortable with them + suddenly felt as though I was photographing an engagement session for life long friends!!

The weather + the gardens were beautiful that day, but the thing that shined even more beautifully was the love that these two have for one another.  Its not the kind of love that need words + the kind that requires lots of flash…. Instead, its the kind of love that is quiet, gentle, + overflowing.

He made her laugh such a genuine, joyful laugh.  And he complemented her all afternoon.  There was no hesitation when it came to pulling her in close during posing.. It was almost as if he was so confident that his love was hers and her love was his that he couldn’t wait for the chance to pull her in tight.  The other side to this beautiful relationship was the way she giggled back to him… The way she fit so perfectly into his arms as he wrapped them tight around her…  The way she would get lost looking so deeply in his eyes.

Their love is the type of love that will probably leave me in tears on their wedding day in June.  Its the kind of love that you can only witness + pray to God that you are doing your best to show your spouse the same of.  My favorites from their session are below!!!  So much sweetness in every shot!!!

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