2017 Spring Mini Sessions

I wrote a blog a few years back about why mini sessions weren’t in my business plan, but I’ve come to realize that some circumstances call for grace and exceptions to be made!

It broke my heart a little each time during maternity leave with henley that I had to turn away a client that was inquiring about booking a fall session with me.  I love my clients so much and I love serving people and loving on them, so having to say “No” was always a little difficult.  The good news was that I had 7 pounds 14 oz of snuggles in my arms to take my mind off of it 🙂

I decided that since I had turned away so many lovely people during the fall months, that I wouldmake a special exception and offer spring mini sessions!!!!  I wanted to say thank you to everyone that had been so supportive during my time off with my family and I was excited to offer an affordable option for friends that may have previously wanted to work with me!

Mini sessions were held one Sunday at the end of March.  Unfortunately, it was a cold, gloomy, windy day (although we had warm weather all week prior)!!  I didnt complain though because luckily we avoided any rain!!!!  I got to hug five separate families that day and they were each such troopers in the chilly weather!!!  A few of my favorites from each session are below!!!

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