2019 Spokesmodel Team Baby Blue Denim Theme Summer Shoot

I shared the 2019 senior spokesmodel team with you earlier last week and today I have more goodness to share!!!!  I LOVED meeting these gals for our meet and greet in the spring of their junior year after the team was chosen, but by mid-summer I just felt like we needed to get together one more time to celebrate before their senior year officially started!!   Its nearly impossible to coordinate my schedule with 14 other schedules, but we were able to find a date that worked for almost everyone (we missed you on vacation, Rachel!!) and were so excited to be together again!

As the girls began to arrive and gather together the evening of our shoot, I realized that they all matched!!  Once I commented on it thinking “what are the odds?!”, they spilled the beans that they had all been in touch and planned outfits to match!!!  HOW stinking sweet was that?!?!  I honestly had told them to just stick to the style guide and wear something they felt beautiful in.  It meant so much to me that these girls took it a step further to not only follow the style guide and choose outfits they felt pretty in, but to also choose outfits that matched as a group!!  Seriously the sweetest effort on their part!!  I told y’all I had a great group of gals and I meant that so much!!  All of my favorites from our summer shoot together are below!! 

Ladies, I cant wait to have y’all together again in a few months!!  Our end of year styled shoot is going to be SO much fun!  Rising 2020 Seniors: Spokesmodel applications launch on January 7th!!  Mark your calendars and if you’ve been on the fence about applying, just chat with one of these gals and they’ll tell you what its been like to work with me!!

And you KNOW I had to pop in with a picture with my team when we finished!  Love these ladies!!!

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