2020 Spokesmodel Team Winter Shoot

I’ve been planning to post this blog for weeks and yet today it feels so bittersweet. As I write this, our spring shoot was canceled due to Covid19 restrictions. Most of my team has technically graduated and received their diplomas. I haven’t seen them together since this winter shoot in January and I won’t see them together again until we do a group cap and gown shoot in July. It’s all SO strange and makes me even more grateful that we were able to get together in January!

This shoot was an interesting one for sure. My initial location fell through just days before our shoot which had to me scrambling to find a location to host nearly 20 people (a few gals couldn’t make it that day). We had planned for winter outfits with cozy layers and textures since it was January, then when the shoot day arrived it was a hot 70 degrees and sunny (!!!) so we were scrambling again to put together different outfits. I was grateful for the sunshine and warmth, but then came the 20+ mph winds. As if those weren’t enough curve balls, half way through the shoot I got a weather notification that the clear afternoon forecast had unexpectedly changed and rain was starting in 4 minutes at our location. I began to panic because I was only about half way done with everyone’s portraits. Sure enough, the wind picked up, the sky darkened, and it started to rain on us!

Luckily my team stayed strong through it all with me and were such a joy to spend the afternoon with!! Everyone looked amazing and a few of them even stayed until the very end when the weather cleared up to take a few fun shots on the tree swing that hung in the backyard of Woodland Manor! It was the best to be able to hug each other them and have them all together (back when hugging was totally allowed haha).

All of my favorites from our time together are below!! A huge thank you to Woodland Manor for welcoming me and my team that afternoon!!

And to all of my ladies and Nick- Yall were given a really terrible hand of cards for the end of your senior year, but I am SO PROUD of each of you for handling it with grace and I can’t wait to see you all in July!!!!

So so grateful for this team of amazing people that make up my 2020 team!! Also pretty positive this photo proves that I’m the shortest of them all, but I love it!!

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