2021 Team Summer Shoot

This shoot was SO LONG over due and it felt SO good to finally have it!!! My 2021 team meet and greet is typically in April and it’s a day that we get to all meet in person for the first time and each gal gets a turn in front of my camera! With the peek of covid closing in on us, that meet and greet was held virtually. Months later, this summer shoot was the first time we were able to get together and I was so HAPPY to have my team there!! The first date that we had scheduled was rained out, but this day was perfect from the lighting to the temperature to their outfits and everything in between!

We were missing two of the ladies but we were able to get a shoot in with them soon after as well and the wildflowers just so happened to be in bloom that day!!

Take a peek below to meet my 2021 senior spokesmodel team!!

Also – BIG NEWS – applications for the Class of 2022 spokesmodel team will launch on DECEMBER 7th!!! Mark your calendars!!!

Addie – King William High School

Alexis – Massaponax High School

Alyssa – King William High School

Amanda – Lancaster High School

Brittany – Mathews High School

Campbell – King William High School

Cate – West Point High School

Grace – Northumberland High School

Grace – St Margaret’s School

Jalynn – St Margaret’s School

Jenna – Rappahannock High School

Jess – Rappahannock High School

Jordan – Essex High School

Jordan – King William High School

Kelly – Washington and Lee High School

Laine – Dinwiddie High School

Lindsey – King William High School

Millie – Rappahannock High School

Allie – Essex High School

Lauren – Northumberland High School

I can’t wait to see you again 2021 team!!!! 🙂

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