5 Tips For The New Photographer

One of the questions that I have been asked the most by other photographers so far in 2017 is “What tips do you have for someone just starting out??”  This is a loaded question because a lot of times, its not just one big ticket to success, but instead its a lot of small accomplishments here and there that lead to that success!  

I figured that if a handful of people are emailing me and asking this question, then there are problem a dozen more just like them that haven’t emailed to ask!!  This lead me to create this blog and I really hope that it helps someone out there!! 

This post also inspired lots of content that I cant wait to share in the upcoming weeks ahead!  I would love for you to check back periodically to catch up on the latest posts!!  If you follow along on Instagram @abbyhudsonphoto, then you’ll be sure to see when I post the next one!!  Good luck to you friend, I am totally cheering for you!


1. A Good Lens Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Images!! 

Even if you can’t afford a full frame camera yet, invest in a good lens or two!  My first purchase was a Nikon 50mm 1.4 and I saw a drastic difference in my images once I began using it!  That is still the most used lens in my bag!!

2.  Invest In Education!!  

The first year in my business of booking regularly, I spent all of the money I made on one good lens (the one mentioned above) and the rest was on educational content to help me learn about this industry, learn what has worked for other photographers, and learn how to master my craft!! (Next Friday I will be sharing about Education on a Budget so come on back for that follow up!)

3.  Word Of Mouth > Paid Advertising

I’ve found that serving my clients well is the best form of marketing over any paper (or paid) marketing material!  If you serve your clients really really well, they won’t be able to help but to speak highly of you to their friends and family!  In this sense, your clients will be doing your marketing for you!  Word of mouth is such a powerful thing!!!  Trust me!!

4.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!  

If you don’t have a lot of shoots lined up, don’t be afraid to offer sessions to friends and family for free!  This give you the chance to practice the art of how to use your camera.  You’ll also be able to better understand your camera settings, understand lighting, learn to direct your clients into poses, and learn how to make your clients feel good in front of the camera!

5.  Set Goals For Yourself!! 

If your dream is to have a photography business, set goals that will help you make that dream a reality!!  What equipment do you need?  How many sessions would you like to shoot?  What education will you invest in?  How much time do you have to dedicate to your business right now if you’re still working at a full time job?  What steps will you take to grow your business?  All of these are good starting questions!  Write down your answer and hold yourself accountable to accomplishing them- you’ll be putting your best foot forward to the career you’re dreaming of!

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