Amanda and Zach An Early Winter Couples Session | Montross, Virginia

I’m finally catching up on blogs and I’ll be sharing the last of 2017 sessions that I haven’t shared quite yet!

First up is Amanda and Zach’s early winter couples session!  Its funny looking back now because I feel like she and I have been friends for forever, but their session last fall was the first time I got to really know them!!  I honestly had forgotten just how much I absolutely love their images until I was putting together this blog and it felt like the first time I was seeing them again! haha

Otherwise, there are a few things that I remember most clearly about their session.  I remember how comfortable and at ease they were together.  I remember how natural it was for them to laugh when they would look at each other.  I remember admiring their courage to do things at the drop of a hat as they discussed maybe going to Richmond after their session- Um, this scheduling loving girl (aka me) would need like a weeks notice to prepare myself mentally to drive two hours away at 5 pm, yet these two were just laid back chatting about what they’d like to do that night! haha!!  It was like they didnt care what they did as long as they were together and it was so sweet!!

And one last thing that I remember clearly- I remember Amanda’s all in capital letters response of “OH MY GOSH ABBY I LOVE THESE” when she received the entire gallery 🙂 haha!  Literally could not ask for a better response than that!!

I absolutely loved working with these two and I feel like I found a new friend in Amanda and have adored getting to know her better even after the session.  Yall know its my favorite when clients turn into friends and thats exactly what happened here 🙂  My favorites from Amanda and Zach’s session are below!!!

Amanda and Zach- thank y’all so much for allowing me to take these for y’all!!  It was such a joy to work with you and next time my only request is that we include your perfectly adorable pup as well because he’s stinking adorable, haha!


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