Angie Sanders, LulaRoe Consultant | A Headshot & Business Session

I’ve known this pretty lady practically my entire life now that I think about it!!  I would see her on Sundays while attending church with my sweet Great grandmother.  Maybe that is why she’s always so easy to be around!  That, or maybe its because of the fact that she just radiates with joy and kindness!!!

Angie and I have been trying to do a session together for about a year!  We got rained out quite a few times and finally just canned the idea for the time being.  Well, God had a better plan because now Angie is a LulaRoe consultant and it was the perfect reason to book a session!!

We spent the afternoon together as I photographed her in various LulaRoe styles.  Angie just looks so cheerful all the time and I seriously could photographed her all day long!!  

I will be the first to admit that I was not a fan of the LulaRoe line.  Crazy prints just aren’t my thing, yall!  But, I will say that Angie’s live LulaRoe sales are definitely ones that I watch!!  She puts together the best outfits that you’d probably be surprised are even LulaRoe!!!!

You’ll see perfect examples below in the styles she chose for her session!!!  Take a look at my favorites from our time together and if you’re interested in following her journey, you can follow her Instagram and Facebook page!!

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