Brittany’s Summer Senior Session at Yorktown Beach – Yorktown, Virginia

We shot this session back in the summer and I LOVED reliving this time with Brittany as I was pulling together images for today’s post!! She had a vision for her shoot and knew that this location was a favorite! Half way through her session the sky started getting darker and darker but the radar didnt show any rain nearby. Then out of no where it started raining on us midway through her session!! She was such a good sport about it – we sat in the car, waited for the rain to pass, and then hoped back into her shoot like nothing had ever happened!! THEN she braved jelly fish filled waters for a few shots that she had been hoping for of her in the water with her long dress! My heart rate was so high – terrified she would get stung – but we made it happen without trouble!! I loved getting to know her better and can’t wait for you to meet her and see my favorites from her shoot! Take a peek below!

Name: Brittany

What High School Do You Attend? Mathews High School

What are you most looking forward to as you enter your senior year? Entering my senior year, I was looking forward to all of the final little memories with friends and the reality of actually being a senior, but due to Covid things have changed majorly and now I just would like to get back into school and be able to enjoy and make the best out of my last year in high school!!

Dreaming as high as you can, what hopes do you have for your senior year and your future after high school? My hope for my senior year is to be able to return back to school and to enjoy and cherish those last and final memories with friends as my high school journey is going to be coming to an end. After high school, my plan is to go to Rappahannock Community College and pursue a degree is Nursing.

Tell me about your experience during your senior session! How did you feel? What did you love most? My senior session was AMAZING!! Abby made me feel so comfortable the entire time in front of the camera. I loved how she got to know my personality throughout the evening, which allowed her to captured exactly what I loved so well on the camera!! The entire shoot was so amazing with Abby!

What advice do you have for other seniors as they prepare for their senior session? Some advice to seniors as you prepare for your session with Abby is to not be nervous at all before your session, because Abby literally walks you through everything and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Just be YOU!!

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