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I was absolutely planning to post this on Friday, but whats that saying?? Grace, not perfection?? Yeah, that- I lived that out instead of just talking about it- which meant that this post is now airing on Monday instead and I’m completely ok with that!

Friday before last I chatted with yall and shared my top five tips for someone thats just starting their business in this industry.  <<What did you think about it?? I’d love to know and also hear any other questions you may have that I can help with, so shoot me an email to !!>>

To follow up with that previous post, I wanted to talk to yall about education on a budget!!  We hear that education is so important!!  I personally can attest to that because a majority of the money I made my first year of booking was spent on educational content and I know that it was such a good decision for my business!

The hard part is figuring out how to get great education when you don’t have a large budget for it!!!  So, I wanted to share my top 5 recommendations to get the most educational content without breaking the bank!!  Enjoy!

1. Newsletters

Newsletters can be packed with great content!!  And the best part? You dont have to go looking for it because its sent straight to your inbox!!!  How easy is that?!  The ones that I read religiously include Abby Grace (I love her endings, “Go get ‘em tiger!” always fires me up! haha), Amy and Jordan Demos, Katelyn James, and Jennah Kutcher! If you want to add one more to that list, you can sign up for my newsletter here!

2. Webinars

Free webinars are totally in right now!  It seems like a ton of photographers are offering webinars that touch on one or two topics of their choosing.  Typically, its because they are going to offer you a discount on whatever new product they are launching.  This means two great things- 1. You’re getting educational content for free! 2. If you do want to purchase whatever they are selling, you’re going to be getting an exclusive discount on it.  Win Win, right?!

3. Blogs

Obviously you already know this one because here you are reading my blog!!  There are a lot great photographers that write educational posts from time to time!  As you’re scrolling through your social media post, take time to read the caption under the pretty photos and you’re certain to see when the boss ladies that you follow have educational content to share.  Oh, and blogs are free to read so you know, saving money and still learning!!

4. Turn It Up

The Turn It Up conference is literally jammed packed with content from industry leaders all discussing different topics and you can literally learn sooo much in the comfort of your own home for totally free over the course of a few days-all you need is an internet connection and a computer!  This years conference has already passed but you can still check it out here  !

5. You Tube

I have no shame here when I admit that YouTube was actually a serious staple in my early months of business and it still is a go to from time to time!  Don’t know how to do something in Photoshop? Still trying to figure out lightroom?  Cant figure out what a certain button does on your camera?  Still trying to understand how to get the shots you want in camera??  YouTube it!!!  That will give you a visual, step by step instruction on whatever it is you’re trying to figure out.  You may have to watch a couple of videos before finding exactly what you’re looking for, but its free and you can learn specifics that you are interested in within minutes!

I hope that these help!!!  As I stated earlier, I would love for you to shoot me an email or message with any other topics you’d love to see covered or any questions you would love to have answered!!  Talk to yall soon!

Hugs, Abby

Thanks to my awesome sister in law for this behind the scenes shot of me and my niece a few years back!

Thanks to my awesome sister in law for this behind the scenes shot of me and my niece a few years back!

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