Cameron’s Downtown Fredericksburg Senior Session



What High School Do You Attend?


What are you most looking forward to as you enter your senior year?

Spending time with friends and making the most of everything I do!

Dreaming as high as you can, what hopes do you have for your senior year and your future after high school?

After high school I would like to go to VCU and attend their School of Business

Tell me about your experience during your senior session! How did you feel? What did you love most?

I loved it! It was so easy to just be myself!

What advice do you have for other seniors as they prepare for their senior session?

Just have fun with it and be natural! Abby makes it so easy to just be yourself in front of the camera!

Cameron!!! You are such a ball of happiness and I can always count on you to have me laughing! I love getting to know you better during your senior session. You are gorgeous and I loved your style! Cant wait to see you again soon and so thankful to have you on the spokesmodel team!! Hugs! -Abby

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