I’ve missed the last few weeks worth of Faith + Full Time Focus posts.  I wish that I had a good reason why, but the truth is that I just simply felt like I had nothing to share!  Sometimes, in the midst of busy season, as we are trying to just barely keep our heads above water in a sea of overloaded work, we begin to forget our purpose in life.  Emails and editing becomes our daily routine (or sub that with kids activities or your day job or whatever it is that you spend your time doing) and suddenly it feels as though that is all that we are meant to do. 

That is such a tremendous lie that the exhaustion leads us to believe!  We all have such beautiful, unique stories to share and our purpose for living is so much greater than to just barely be keeping ourselves afloat in a midst of endless demands!  So, with that being said- here are a few thoughts, stories, and feelings about my life from the past two weeks!  Theres lots of baby related talk, but thats the season of life that I am in right now!

We made it through another week, Friends!  I think that we all probably deserve a pat on the back and a “Job Well Done” at this point!  The end of the week obviously means its Friday which means its time for a new Faith + Full Time Focus post!!  Lots of thoughts, moments shared, and lessons […]

This post is being written late at night- post day job work, post dream job work, post sunset session- with a bowl of fruit loops to my right and a sweet black lab to my left.  I was responding to emails as I contemplated even preparing a blog for today.  I mean, do I really […]

Ironically enough, this is post #26 in the Faith + Full Time Focus series and age 26 has sure been a good to me so far!!  I know, I know.. You’re probably opening this post thinking “She already announced that she went part time and she already announced that she is pregnant- what else could she possibly be excited to announce this time?!”  Well, for those of you that have asked- No, we are not expecting twins and No, this is not the gender reveal blog post!!  But, let me start from the beginning of our story here!!

Today’s post started as an Instagram post regretfully lacking in the announcement of a new blog.  You see, I had every intention of blogging yesterday and today- this entire week actually.  Obviously that didnt happen quite as I had planned.  I worry so much when I fall behind on stuff like that.. But the reality is that instead of blogging yesterday…..

Its Friday!!  Who’s excited?? Well, I am for one and hopefully you are too!!  Why am I excited you ask?? Well because I have already had two sessions this week and I have another two over the weekend!!  I am sure that I will realize next week that I am drowning in the sea of editing, but for now I am way pumped about having been behind my camera, working with my sweet clients so much this week!!

Hi friends!!!  I was a little stumped about what to blog today.  All I felt in my heart to write was a personal post…Just something to describe my life right now paired with all of the goodness that fills my soul.  The boss lady in me has been trying to figure out a more “business” like topic for todays post…But my heart is telling me to go with it.. So here it is.  Real, raw, no objective, no lessons… Just me.

I have been anxiously awaiting this weeks blog post for a majority of this week to share more exciting changes for AHP that I am super happy about!!  This past Tuesday was The Rising Tide Society’s monthly Tuesdays Together meeting + I must say that it put a whole new fire in my blood to be around so many great friends as I talked out ideas + big dreams with them!!  That leads me to today’s post!!

Hi friends!!  So, as we have all seen on Instagram the past few days- Instagram is changing its algorithm as of, well, today (from what I understand)!  Anyone that has been on Instagram in the last few weeks has seen some post from some one stating “Turn on Push Notifications!”.  Small business owners, bloggers, those in the creative industry- it seems as though we all were in a slight panic over these changes.

Hi friends!!! Its Friday!!  YAY!  And along with amazing Friday joy, I figured I would use today to share some extra exciting news!  Y’all know that I have LOVED being so open + honest with y’all.  I have allowed people in to a front row view of this journey I have been on in growing a small business + chasing my dreams.  I have loved pouring my heart into this business + this blog for y’all because I think that, in some weird way, I feel so connected with everyone that has been reading + supporting this since the beginning!  

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