Picking up a camera is easy, running a business efficiently is a whole different story! This many years into business and I finally feel like office work is running seamlessly. Today I’m sharing ten tools that I use every day to keep business running smoothly! . . . . . . . . . . […]

Thats right, y’all! I’ve been a one woman show on wedding days for years, but I know that hiring a wedding day assistant is going to be an amazing move for our 2020 wedding season! I’m looking for someone outgoing, personable, and hard working. You’ll be my assistant for 6 to 10+ hour wedding days […]

Ok y’all, let me start this post by saying that I LOVE my Rothy’s. Literally love them. But! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case from the start, so I wanted to write this post for anyone that has been on the fence about buying a pair just to hear an honest review that isn’t simply saying […]

If you know me at all, then I hope you know how obsessively organized I am!  I just feel like it frees up brain space throughout the day for my life, calendar/schedule, and physical surroundings to be organized.  Physical clutter or disorganization for me equals mental clutter and our life, as I imagine yours, is […]

Have you ever felt so blind to something taking place for so long right before your eyes that once you were aware, you were a little in shock and quite ashamed?? Once the “off season” kicked in last year, I did a lot of reflecting on the prior months that were spent primarily managing an […]

I spent a lot of 2017 in a state of overwhelm and I decided early on that I wasn’t going to give away another year to feeling that way.  I started making changes to my daily routine to combat that and there was one small, yet mighty change that helped clear my brain from the […]

Wow, it feels good to be back writing to y’all!!  It’s been little while and I wanted to keep it real  today, so there’s lots of honesty and vulnerability in this post!!!  But! What better way to start off the year than with a little heart to heart?! I’m anxious to begin sharing client images […]

I know, I know.. the title sounds kind of scary, right?  Or are you confused?  “Did she mean to say service or disservice?” … Nope you heard me right.  I said disservice!

I’ve noticed a trend in the photography industry and I know deep down that it probably needs to stop.  My little blog post may not make much of an impact on the entire industry, but I am hoping that it speaks to at least someone!!

I originally came into my office this morning to edit because goodness knows I am backed up with that.  I was about halfway through when I decided that I just needed to share a little of whats on my heart with yall and now was as good of time as any to start writing this post.

I haven’t shared much of whats really on my heart lately because the truth is that Im just confused by it all.  I’ve felt a little lost and confused within my business these last few months.  

Part of that was contributed by figuring out how building a business and raising a family are going to coincide together in our household.  Its tough enough to figure out a new role as a mom, then add growing a business to that and its a recipe for some serious time of “still just figuring it out”….

I’ve been a little quiet on social media the last few days and I even went an entire week without blogging.  It wasn’t for lack of wanting to, as much as it was that my mind was preoccupied.  I’ve been doing a bit of “soul searching” if you will and I really just wanted to offer transparency in sharing my heart with you today. 

The truth is that I am in a season of not having it all figured out, and thats a bit foreign to me if Im being honest!  I am certainly that person that needs it all figured out all the time , so I am way out of my comfort zone here!

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