Have you ever felt so blind to something taking place for so long right before your eyes that once you were aware, you were a little in shock and quite ashamed?? Once the “off season” kicked in last year, I did a lot of reflecting on the prior months that were spent primarily managing an […]

Yesterday was 70 degrees here in Virginia which was a delightful change from the sweater weather we had been experiencing. Henley and I headed outside with sunglasses and sneakers on a fresh air, wagon riding adventure and it was one of my favorite moments this week. For months, I’ve been brainstorming trying to figure out […]

Wow, it feels good to be back writing to y’all!!  It’s been little while and I wanted to keep it real  today, so there’s lots of honesty and vulnerability in this post!!!  But! What better way to start off the year than with a little heart to heart?! I’m anxious to begin sharing client images […]

Hi friends!!  Today’s blog is going to be a little different!!  First let me start by saying that no matter what you see on social media, everyone has their battles that they are fighting, some of us just dont post about it on social media! 

Especially people like me that are (shockingly) an introvert by nature… I know, you probably dont believe me, but “outgoing introvert” is a legit thing! haha, look it up!

My point is that I too have struggles that I dont always share about because some days I feel like its too personal and I hate to be someone that complains!

I have wanted to do a new mom blog post since before Henley was born.  I just knew that once she was here I would have some encouraging words for new moms that would brighten their day and prepare them for the road ahead.

Well…  I dunno if thats the case today but I can certainly share my experience with you thus far and offer my words of wisdom from the last 9 weeks!

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