Claire A Senior Session | Northern Neck of Virginia

Oh yall, if I could just tell you how much I adore Claire for a second that’d be great!!!  She is one of my 2018 senior spokesmodels.  She’s extra special to me because her application was actually the very first that I ever received!!  I still remember reading over her information.  I had already gone to bed, Brad was still up watching tv.  I had just launched early access for the applications earlier that day, so I checked my email before laying down just to see if anyone had applied yet.

I started reading over Claire’s answers when I popped out of bed, went out to Brad, and started telling him how perfect this girl was, how sweet she sounded, and how much I LOVED that she incorporated her faith into her application.  I knew from just meeting her on paper that was such a good fit for what I was looking for in the spokesmodel team and I felt so blessed and validated to have such a great fit already be applying! Ok, so thats just a little back story… I only recall hers so well since she was the first one, haha!!

I’ve spent this year getting to know Claire and she has been in front of my camera 5 times between spokesmodel sessions, the spokesmodel styled shoot, her personal senior session, and drape mini sessions!!  Like always, she lit up in front of the camera from the moment we started the afternoon of her session.  (Literally, look at her smile in the very first images!!)

I really love it when seniors incorporate something special (whether that be a creative idea or a special item) so when she and her mom told me they wanted to incorporate clothing from all throughout the special times in Claire’s life since she was a baby, you bet I was on board!!!  (On board and probably about to get a little emotional because you know, babies grow up so fast haha).

What started out as a little bit cloudy and muggy ended up being a gorgeous afternoon with a beautiful sunset on the beach.  My favorite images from our time together are below and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have!!

Claire- you’re so sweet, beautiful as always, and I have been so thankful to have you on the spokesmodel team!!!

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