Faith + Full Time Focus | Post #25

Today’s post started as an Instagram post regretfully lacking in the announcement of a new blog.  You see, I had every intention of blogging yesterday and today- this entire week actually.  Obviously that didnt happen quite as I had planned.

I worry so much when I fall behind on stuff like that.. I get caught up in this place of constant stress and overwhelm and I start to call those emotions home after a while.  I jokingly laugh it off as if its acceptable because “I am a small business owner and thats just the way it is!”.  But the reality is that instead of blogging yesterday, I got caught up in a few other areas of my business, started on a few new projects, and I also somehow managed to get the house cleaned before preparing to travel to Roanoke for this weekends wedding.  

So, rather than beat myself up over the blogs that didnt get finished this week, I am choosing grace.  Because, as my husband so gracefully reminds me when I am hard on myself, the truth is that I can not possibly do it all, all the time…And while I would love to imagine that I am capable of juggling so much at once, I know deep down that is an unrealistic expectation I have set for myself and a bad habit that I’ve fallen into.

So, Grace.  Grace today and every day because, just as this picture shows, the only place I should call home is in the strength and comfort of his arms.  

It’s busy season friends… Whether you’re in the wedding industry or not, my guess is that this is still a busy season in your life.  So, lets remind ourselves of those five little letters that hold so much forgiveness.  Grace.  Because even when our schedules lead us into a place of stress and overwhelm, remembering that the amount of checks off of our to do lists don’t equate to our worth is the best gift that we can give ourselves.

Have an awesome weekend friends!!

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