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Its been a few weeks since I posted content specifically for photographers so todays post is one that I hope will be of great help to someone out there!!  

Instagram has become such a secret weapon for my business.  While it would take hours to share all of my secrets with you and tell you all of the ways that Instagram has actually helped to grow my business, I thought I would share the number one change that I made in using Instagram for business that has been so incredibly beneficial!

When I first started my photography business as Hudson Way Photography, I created a separate instagram account.  I would post personal pictures to my personal account and then share edited client images on my business page.  Well, let me just keep it short and sweet when I say that I absolutely hated it.  It was such a hassle to keep up with two accounts and it was difficult to determine how much of myself to put on the business account and how much of my business to show on my personal account.

What I discovered, is that in having two separate instagrams, I was actually hurting my business.  People want to see the heart behind the business, not just the business itself.  Your clients and potential clients can relate to a picture of you living your life so much more than they can relate to a perfectly edited image of someone that they don’t know.  The more they get to know you, the more inclined they are to want the experience of working with you.

If I had of maintained two separate accounts, I couldn’t create a personal experience with my clients and expect them to let me into their lives if I was not even allowing them to see part of my life.  People will relate to your personal posts so much more because they are able to see the face of the business.  

One of the fears that I had when combining the two accounts was that I was going to loose all of those images that I had posted to my business page.  My advice to you would be to view this as an opportunity to recreate a more consistent and purposefully created feed!!

By combining my instagram accounts and just having one account for both personal and business osts- my clients are able to connect with me and get to know me more than ever before!!  I am able to share so much of my heart but also so much of my client interaction, so prospective clients are able to get a good feel for what it would be like to work with me!!  This ultimately has made such a positive impact on my business!!

Below are a few additional tips for using instagram as a business tool!

  1. Tip- Make sure that your feed is appropriate (this actually apply to both Facebook and isntagram).  If there are any photos in your feed that you wouldn’t want associated with your business, make sure that they are deleted!  
  2. Post consistently- have you heard the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”? well that rings so true in the instagram world!!  By posting consistently, you are regularly showing up in your followers feed and therefore more likely to be thought of next time they are considering a portrait session!
  3. Try to maintain an even balance of personal vs professional posts.  People want to see your face on your feed, but remember that you’ll appear more professional by maintaining balance and not over posting images of yourself.  So ,next time you’re thinking about posting those 5 selfies you just took back to back, maybe rethink it and consider whether or not that matches the image that you want for your business!
  4. Edit consistently- remember that consistency sells.  Attempt to edit all of your images to match the overall look and feel of your grid.  The consistency in editing will make your feed look more cohesive and more appealing to the eye which will be an advantage for you next time that someone is considering following your work or not.
  5. Be purposeful in what you post.  Consider the impact it will have on your business and whether or not the content is worth sharing as the voice or heart behind your business.

if you’re excited to learn more about how to turn Instagram into your businesses secret weapon, I would love to schedule a mentoring session with you!!  Instagram is just one of the areas that we will discuss utilizing  to grow your business + your dreams!!  Have an awesome week, friends!!

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