Grace’s Senior Session

Grace is a part of my 2021 spokesmodel team and was one of the first 2021 seniors that I got to work with this summer! Her session was gorgeous and I LOVED watching her personality to come to life in front of the camera! We had the best time working at Chatham Manor and I so enjoyed getting to know her better that afternoon! All of my favorites from her session and her senior interview are featured below!! Take a look!! 🙂

Name: Grace

What High School Do You Attend? Northumberland High School

What are you most looking forward to as you enter your senior year? I’m hoping for some normalcy, although I doubt that will happen anytime soon. At this point I’m looking forward to just getting through virtual school, getting back to playing field hockey with my team as soon as possible!

Dreaming as high as you can, what hopes do you have for your senior year and your future after high school? I’m hoping to get back to school, and surround the rest of my senior year with my friends. As far as the future goes, college is definitely my plan, I’m hoping to attend either VCU or George Washington University. I love the city, and I would love to work with fashion and photography/videography. It’s something I’ve been into recently and would love to see it through.

Tell me about your experience during your senior session! How did you feel? What did you love most? Abby made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, I was really nervous before my session, but she definitely settled my nerves within the first 5 minutes. It was also a really fun experience, feeling confident and yourself in front of the camera. Abby helped me realized how beautiful I was without my glasses, and I even took off my glasses for our group session. I loved how relaxed she made the environment and how confident she made me feel during our whole session!

What advice do you have for other seniors as they prepare for their senior session? Don’t be nervous, make sure you choose a location that you love and that represents you in some ways. Another tip is to choose outfits you feel comfortable in, that show who you are, it really makes a difference.

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