Halle and Robbie | Engaged | Oak Grove, Virginia

I am so excited to share this session with yall today!!  Its full of so much goodness and so many moments where I was freaking out because of how much I loved the images!!

Halle and Robbie were clients of mine back in 2015 when my business was just starting to really kick off the ground.  I still remember their session at the Tides Inn so clearly, and I still very much remember my favorite shot from that session.

You can imagine how excited I was when Halle said YES to forever with Robbie, and then reached out to me about booking their engagement session!!  It was frightfully cold the day of their session, but you would have never known from looking at these two in front of the camera.

They are such naturals!!  I had actually forgotten just how good they are in front of the camera until I started shooting and every shot was more perfect than I could have imagined!  These two were so good about holding poses and effortlessly flowing from one pose to the next.  Not to mention that Halle’s gorgeous emerald dress and bright pop of lip color was a favorite!!  

The really exciting part about this session was that I was part of a slight secret!!  This session was held on a Saturday and the two would actually be married that following weekend!!!!  How exciting!

I was so thrilled to have these two in front of my camera again.  I am just so grateful for clients that trust me to take good care of them in front of the camera repeatedly and I am always so excited to continue that relationship with them!!  It’s fun to witness the seasons of life that my clients go through from year to year and I absolutely love catching up with them to hear how they are doing!!

My favorites from Halle and Robbie’s engagement session are below!!  Eek, I am so excited for you to see!!  Halle and Robbie, congratulations to yall!!  It was such an honor to be a part of this time in your lives!!

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