Kaetlyn | A Senior Session | Westmoreland, Virginia

I have had so many amazing 2017 seniors already this summer, but Kaetlyn was my very first one of the 2017 class!!  

Let me tell you something about this girl, she is fearless!!!  The day of her session was gorgeous, all day long!  Then, right before her session, I decided to take a peek at the weather and it was not promising!  There were a ton of storms heading our direction!  The sun was still shining so we moved forward with the start of her session.  We got a few sunny shots to start and then the sun began to disappear.  As the sun disappeared, the winds grew!!  We tried to work against the winds but finally had to take a mini break because they were just so forceful!  If there’s one thing that you ladies will understand, its how poorly a ton of wind works with long hair when you;re trying to take a picture!

I knew that bad weather was going to greet us soon and I offered for us to reschedule the session, but Kaetlyn was a trooper though and was comfortable moving forward with the rest of the session since we were already there!

After a few minutes of huge wind gusts, we went ahead and took a few shots of the wind working with us and blowing Kaetlyn’s dress and hair back in big gusts.  I love the movement of those shots and Kaetlyn was being such a comedian as she sang Carrie Underwood’s song “Blown Away’ at that point!

We then headed to the beach to finish the second half of her session.  The wind was still blowing but it was manageable and actually had a really lovely sense of motion throughout her gallery as we worked along the beach grasses and on the driftwood.  It was then time for her final outfit and along with that final outfit, the rain decided to make an appearance.  We cntinued to take a few more pictures even in all of the rain and by the end of it we were all soaked but Kaetlyn was still just as giggly and smiling as the she was in the start of her session!!  My favorites from her session are below and I just want to give her one final out out for being so laid back and going with the flow of the weather that day!!

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