Part 1: Structuring My Time For Balance Rhythm, & Putting What Matters First

Hey pals!  One of the top dm’s I get is in regards to how I get things accomplished in my day to day life.  I am a wife to a firefighter that works 48 hour shifts, mom to an active three year old, and I run a very successful photography business.  Yet, I still find time to exercise regularly, read books, study the Bible, and stay caught up on laundry and household chores.  

The comments I receive are usually a joke about “can you help me get my life together” or “how do you fit that in with a toddler?!” or “teach me your ways” or some comment relatively similar to those paired with a crazy faced emoji.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I used to think the same thing when I would see someone post about all the things they could fit in a days time.  But lets back track for a minute.

There once was a day that the house was dirty, the dirty dishes were piled up, and I was crying on the back porch telling Brad that I just needed him to put the laundry in.  My husband is the most involved husband/father I could have ever been blessed with and we are lucky to have him.  Yet, that day I was crying about laundry as if he didn’t already do enough for our family every waking moment that he was home.  The truth was that this wasn’t an issue about laundry.  It was a heart issue inside of me.  The way I was spending my time wasn’t in line with my priorities and everything felt off balance. 

Since that day years ago, I’ve been very diligent in creating the day to day life that I need in order to thrive and protecting the things that matter most to me.  

That brings us to this week’s new series! I’m going to talk you through steps that have helped me take control of my day, fit in the things that are important to me, give you a look at my own day to day schedule, and then finish out the week helping you take control over your days as well!

Im sharing the information that I needed in order to stop running around like my hair was on fire and instead create a day to day lifestyle that I really love and am proud of!

Today’s intro is Day 1 and here’s what’s in store this week:

Day 2: Put Your Mask On – Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Those You Love

Day 3: Rhythms – Tips that Keep Your Home Life Flowing With Ease

Day 4: Getting Personal – A Look at My Schedule and How I Divide My Time

Day 5:  Thriving With Control of Your Day – Determining What Gets Your Time and When

I feel vulnerable sharing this.  It’s a weeks worth of tips, habits, rhythms that we have put into place as we fought to create a life that we love.  My hope in this series is that you too can create a daily routine where you feel like you’re thriving more often than just surviving.  I pray that you too will fight for a life that brings you joy and fires you up.  And I pray that we’ll all find ways to stop living like life is a race to the finish line, and start savoring the sweet, slow moments in between that our hearts are longing for.  I’ll see you tomorrow friends for Day 2 of our series!  Hugs! -Abby

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