Tara A Headshot Session | Montross, Virginia

Yall know that I absolutely love working with other small businesses.  It really brings me joy when I’m able to help another business owner, chat with them about our ups and downs, relate to their struggles, and celebrate their successes.  Thats why I was so excited when Tara reached out to me about her headshot session!!

It’s already an honor to work with amazing business owners.  I know how much heart goes into their businesses because my heart is just as much rooted into my business.  BUT!!  When another photographer reaches out to you for their headshots, its even more special to me!!!  Being a photographer, you see so many different images and styles and you connect with so many people in the same industry- so to be chosen by one in my own industry to create their headshot images, well that just makes me feel so thankful for their trust in me!!!

I enjoyed the afternoon chatting with Tara.  She is also a new mom, so it was nice to chat not only about business, but also about raising out babies!  She was so beautiful in front of the camera and I am so happy to share my favorites from her session below!!!  Tara you look amazing!!  Best of luck to you with you business and dreams!!


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