The Follett’s | A Westmoreland State Park Session

This session was one that I had never done before!!!  Chelsea + Andrew were vacationing at Westmoreland State Park and wanted to book a couples session while they were in the area.   When we started the session that afternoon and started to get to know each other a bit- I was let in on a huge surprise!!- These two love birds were actually on their HONEYMOON!  They had just been married a few days prior and they were honeymooning at Westmoreland State park!  They were married on Saturday and our session was that Wednesday!!  

I literally could not even believe it!!  It was my first honeymoon session and it was perhaps one of my favorites!!  There was so much joy and laughter during that session.  Capturing that just married glow was just remarkable!  The way he lifted her up + spun her around + swayed her side to side + the way that he pulled her in so tight as if to say without a word that she was his forever + ever… her arms would naturally fall around him and his arms fell naturally over hers so many times throughout the session- it was as if he was protecting her at every moment and she was so comforted by his warmth and strength.  Oh, it was just so special to interact with these two!!

I would adore doing more of these sessions.  I get to see the glow of a new marriage on the wedding day so often- but seeing the glow a few days into the marriage when the reality has sunk in and their smiles are still as bright as ever- that is something so beautiful to witness!!

Chelsea and Andrew met through a class they were taking while attending William and Mary in the same building that her parents met each other!  They currently live in a 20 story building in the middle of the city, so Westmoreland State Park was definitely a change of pace for them to relax to!  They were fascinated by all of the history and beauty that the area has to offer around ever turn!!  They were searching for bald eagles in hopes of spotting one before their honeymoon was over.  It was actually pretty funny because during their session I excitedly pointed out a “bald eagle” to them- only to then realize that it was an osprey!!! haha.  Yup, I certainly had a good laugh at myself there!

My favorites from Chelsea + Andrew’s sessions are below!!  Congratulations you two!!  I hope that your future shines as bright as you do in these images!

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