The Johnson’s | A Family Session | Farnham, Virginia

I know so many of you have been dying to see this session!!  Who wouldn’t be?!  Its a gorgeous family and an amazing sunflower field- wins all the way around, right?!

Brittany and I started talking about a family session earlier in the year and after a few conversations back and forth, we finally decided to wait until late summer when their sunflower field would be in full bloom!!

If I know anything about sunflowers, its that there is only a certain amount of time that you can use them for a session before they drop and aren’t as pretty to photograph so you can imagine the urgency when she finally messaged me to say that the flowers were ready!!

That evening was such good day for their session!!  It was seriously a gorgeous day and the lighting reflected off the flowers in every amazing way possible!

We spent the afternoon taking picture of the family together and the kids together and seperately before letting the kids go play while I took pictures of brittany and Trevor together.  They had been so well behaved and I loved getting to capture their personalities because both of them were so full of character!!  I always, always love taking pictures of “mom and dad” together without the kids during sessions.  After all, it was their love that created their beautiful family and that love should still be celebrated no matter what!!

My favorites from their session are below!!  Oh, this is such a gorgeous session, friends!!!

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