What To Wear To Your Session | 7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outfit

While I specialize in wedding and senior photography, I also book a lot of family and couple’s sessions as well!  One of the most difficult parts leading up to your photo session can be figuring out what to wear!!  We’ve all been there standing in front of the closet going through every item of clothing and not feeling certain about any piece we have!  Below, you’ll find seven tips I am offering to help make choosing an outfit simple and easy!

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outfit

1. Think About How You Want The Photos To Look

Do you want bright and cheerful images with pops of color or do you want more a more sophisticated look with warm subtle colors?  Once you determine the answer to question, you’ll find it easier to make outfit decisions.  Keeping the season of year in mind may also help you with that decision!  Spring tends to be most complimenting with bright colors while warm colors look best in fall!

2.  Choose Pieces That Make You Feel Good

Confidence is key in having a successful shoot!  Part of that confidence comes from feeling good about how you look. If you have on pieces that look good on the hanger but make you feel self-conscious, it is going to be so difficult to feel good during your pictures. If there are pieces in your wardrobe that you aren’t comfortable in, then they shouldn’t be a part of your session.  Also make sure that your cloths are comfy enough to move around in!  There will be poses that I will ask you to sit, lay down, and walk around- so make sure that you are in cloths that aren’t constraining

3. Coordinate, Don’t Match

This is a huge tip for any couple’s or family session! When choosing an outfit, don’t match outfits identically. Instead of having everyone in the same color top and same color pants, try mixing it up!!  Choose bright colors that complement each other or try choosing one color and weaving it throughout the entire family’s outfits! 

4. Choose Colors That Compliment You

When choosing your outfit color, make sure that it compliments your skin tone and hair color as well! Take a look in your closet and choose colors that compliment your features best.  Solid black or white tends to loose dimension within the image and can also wash out your skin tone, so try to avoid those unless you are breaking the color up with another item such as a different colored vest or jacket!

5.  Don’t Be Afraid To Add Layers

Adding layers can really kick an outfit to the next level! Think statement necklaces, bangles, scarves, jackets, vests, hats, and other accessories!  Adding the right accessories can add that extra bit of fabulousness that will make your outfit look complete!

6. Avoid Extra Tiny Prints + Loud Prints

Really, really small prints on clothing tend to look distorted in a camera.  At the same time, you want to avoid really large, loud, distracting prints that can draw too much attention in your photos. We want you to be the dominate subject in these images!

7.  Think About Where The Images Will Be Showcased In Your Home

Keep your home décor in mind when planning your outfits!!  Most likely you will want to order prints or a canvas to hang throughout your home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Below You’ll find example photos from previous sessions!  I also have included a few examples of the tips above at the end of this post!


If mom is wearing a multicolored dress, pull a few colors from the pattern to dress the rest of the family in! The multicolored dress will pull the image together when the rest of the family is in different colors that match her dress pattern. 

Bright colors like royal blue, magenta, or emerald green photograph so well and look great together!  Choose a few colors that compliment each other and incorporate those into the family’s outfits!

If one child is wearing a navy flower print dress, try putting mom in a navy blue scarf, dad in navy pants, and another child in a navy sweater!

Imagine a sundress topped with a light jacket with rolled sleeves and bangle bracelets for the spring or a flannel button up with a sweater, cuffed sleeves, and a statement necklace for the fall

Flannel print shirts photograph best when the print is wider, rather than a very small gingham shirt which will look distorted in the images.

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