Expecting Baby Hudson | Gender Reveal

July 25, 2016

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Hiiii friiieenndsss!!!!

Ok, so how many of you have been anxiously awaiting this blog?!  I have had so many sweet followers come up and ask what gender the baby is and the first thing they say is “I havent seen you post it anywhere, not even the blog!!”

I have been planning to do this blog for months and yet I just hadn’t created it yet!!  I think its because I anticipated it being this big blow out of images and confetti and fabulousness- and in all reality- who has time for that in the middle of wedding season?!?!  Exactly! haha.

So, without further ado- here we go!!  EEK!!

Baby H is a …..


We are so very excited!!  We of course would have been overjoyed either way but we are just so excited to meet her in a few months and hold her sweet little self!

. . . The Story . . .

We’ve actually known that Baby H was a girl since before we announced that we were pregnant to anyone!!  

I old brad since I was about 6 weeks pregnant that I just had a feeling that she was a girl!  From the very beginning of this journey, I just knew that she was a girl.  That was suddenly all I could see and all I could envision when I pictured our future as a family of three. 

I started to refer to her as a “she” from then on.  Then, I started to feel bad after calling her a “she” for a while because I thought “Oh gosh, what if it is a boy and I’ve been calling him a “her” for weeks!!”  So then I tried to refer to her as “the baby” until we found out for sure!

I went in for an appointment at 12 weeks and the nurse said that she was just about positive that it was a girl!!  I know that 12 weeks is a bit early, but she was basing her guess on the NUB THEORY. 

A few weeks later, we went for another doctors appointment and she was in the perfect position for the doctor to get a clear view and confirm that she was indeed a girl!!  The next few appointments after that, they continued to confirm that she was a girl.  We laughed each time because by week 18 with three gender confirmations by three people at the doctors office, we would both have been shocked if they had of said that it was anything other than a girl! haha.

Aside from a gut feeling, I had also been reading up on the ever so southernly trusted old wives tales and, surprisingly, all of those rang true!! 

Heartbeat- always over 140!

Stealing my beauty?? First trimester acne for days!

Craving sweets??  Absolutely!

Orange Juice cravings??  You got it!

Chinese baby gender Predictor? Girl!

Morning sickness?? Yup!  (Just for a short while, thank goodness!)

I know that a majority of the population involved in science and medicine would say this is just a coincidence- I’m just saying that the old wives tales happened to be true in our case!! haha

So now you know- Baby H is a sweet little baby girl!  Brad is going to be a man in a house full of all girls- his wife, his daughter, and his two female dogs!! haha.  He’s going to be surrounded by so much love, so much pink, and so many girly mood swings!! 

The thing that makes me so happy is that he is just as excited about this sweet girls arrival and has been so involved this entire time!!  From taking care of me during my pregnancy, to coming to all the doctors appointments, to being excited about reading up on baby gear, and making decisions with me about everything that comes up.  I seriously am so blessed to call him my husband and Baby H is going to have such a great daddy!!  

Ok seriously, I cant even think about how amazing they are going to be together because the pregnancy tears will start to flow like a waterfall!!  Not even joking!!

Below I’ve included a few pictures of fun things we’ve gotten her so far!!  And by a few fun things- I really mean things that I’ve stumbled upon and pretty much just knew that she needed them in her life! haha.  Nursery furniture is not shown because its being stored at Brad’s parents house until we are ready to decorate the nursery, but perhaps a nursery post will be in order once we get it set up!

Yay for bows and baby dolls and sweet little baby girls!!!  We are so overjoyed and grateful for this blessing!

. . . All of the Things . . . 

Who else is slightly obsessed with this onesie?!?!  If you understand the reference, then we should hang out!  Im not even a huge fan of the movie- but I find myself quoting it all the time!!! “On Wednesdays we wear pink”  “Im not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”….. Yup- I’ve quoted that last one more than a few times in the last 6 months!! haha

This sweet little rattle came from Colonial Collectibles in Warsaw and I just pretty much loved it!  The dogs have tried to claim it three times so far but their attempts have been unsuccessful… Thats going to be the story of my life soon with any stuffed animal or toy that makes its way into the house!!  haha.  The struggle is going to be so real!

These little socks came from my mother in law.  She always helps take care of our dogs when we our schedules get crazy and she knows how obsessed I am with Jill + Sadie so she bought these for the baby as soon as we shared the news that we were expecting a little one!!  I adore them!

This duck… This sweet little duck in rain gear… Well, I first stumbled across it at a store in Kilmarnock while shopping with a friend.  I was practicing self control when I said that I didn’t need to buy anything for the baby yet.  Well, weeks later I still couldn’t get this little duck off my mind!  So, I made a special trip one Saturday back down to Kilmarnock to get this duck!  Luckily, it was still there on the shelf!!  I purchased it immediately and have adored it ever since!!  I can’t wait to give it a home on Baby H’s bookshelf in the nursery!!  Speaking of books- she has so many of them already but the more the better!!  I can’t wait to snuggle up and read to her!

And just as a little surprise- if you look in the center of the above photograph, you’ll see her picture!!!  This was at 25 weeks and 6 days!  That was the only picture we could get because she was so wiggly- as usual!- but this one picture has brought so much happiness to my heart.  This entire season of our life has been so magical…  Oh I can’t wait to meet this sweet girl!!




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  1. Sherry Green says:

    Wonderful news!!!!! So happy for you guys-bayb girls are an incredible journey!!!!!

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