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October 21, 2015

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7 things to bring to your senior session
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I'm Abby!

Mom, wife, photographer, and believer. Iced chai lover, fitness enthusiast, skincare fanatic, and advocate for creating a life you love.  And I'm so glad you're here!

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I try to be very open in my business because I want people to feel like they know me.. I want clients, friends, and followers to feel like they know the face of Abby Hudson Photography because I think that is so very important!  I have been blogging three times a week for quite a few weeks now… I blog every session, I consistently write for my Faith + Full Time Focus series.. You see my posts on Facebook and my sneak peeks on Instagram…  Seems pretty transparent, right?!  

Not exactly… I realized, as I was debating over today’s blog subject, that I have never really introduced y’all to the person that is behind the camera!!   That leads me into today’s post!  I wanted to welcome y’all into the side of my life that isn’t always as visible on my business pages.  Who am I behind the pretty pictures and behind the blog??  If you keep reading, I would be so happy to show you!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

I am married to my greatest encourager in life

 His name is Brad and- aside from being the person that loves me fiercely every day and my best friend-he is also a fireman!

We were married on our 5 year dating anniversary 

06.01.2013 (Seriously, the very best day ever)

Brad may not be visible in my business, but his heart is just as much a part of this business as my own.  He is the one I run to for advice, for encouragement, and the first one I want to share with when there is a season of growth to celebrate.  He is also the one that encouraged me to follow my heart, chase my dreams, and begin this journey as a professional photographer

Our children have black fur and walk on four legs

Their names are Jill and Sadie

They have their own hashtag and you can find them on Instagram #JillyBeanAndSadieMae

We live in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  This is where we have lived our entire lives and this is where we have planted our roots

My guilty pleasure is Mountain Dew

My favorite color changes on a week to week basis but I always seem to come back to light shades of blue (which is the exact reason that I chose this color for my rebrand!)

I have started to rebuild and strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ this year and I have been so blessed by him in so many areas of my life.  His grace will forever amaze me.

Speaking of which… You need to read 31 days of prayer for The Dreamer + The Doer…  its my current favorite

If there was a word in the dictionary that I use probably more times a day than I should… that word would be Fabulous

I curl my hair entirely too much but who doesn’t love big wavy hair?!

I am the full time photographer, editor, blogger, instagramer, facebooker, and emailer for AHP- but I also have a part time corporate day job

I have had a love for photography for years and have spent that time developing my technique and learning from others in the industry

I am a huge supporter of community and encouraging others in the industry… we are so much stronger together and I hope to always keep that in the forefront of my business

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Well friends, thats a little glimpse into me and my life!! If you want to read more, you can do so here.  Just for fun I have included a few images below for y’all!! 

Photo Credit: R.C. Bell Photography

Photo Credit: R.C. Bell Photography

Photo Credit: RC Bell Photography

Photo Credit: RC Bell Photography

Photo Credit: RC Bell Photography

Photo Credit: RC Bell Photography

Photo Credit: Abby Hudson Photography

Photo Credit: Abby Hudson Photography

Photo Credit: Hope Taylor Photography

Photo Credit: Hope Taylor Photography

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7 Things to Bring to Your Senior Session

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Top 10 Tools I Use to Run My Business

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