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August 14, 2015

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I have spent a lot of time in life trying to figure it all out.  Trying to make plans about making plans and prepare for every possible outcome in life.  If there is one thing that I have learned in the last eight months of developing my business, it’s that when you just sit back letting life happen and enjoying the ride, you’ll find your purpose in life a whole lot faster.

I have put a lot of effort into letting go of that constant need of control lately and just having faith that God would lead me down the path that was meant for me.  In doing so, I was blessed with the realization that this burning fire inside of my heart for photography was not just a coincidence, but it was my calling.  

Once I was aware of that, I started to put more effort into creating and growing my business.  Every day, every session, and every client has been a blessing.  While I am so grateful for those blessings, I still struggled with figuring out my purpose.  Yes photography was my calling, but what was my purpose?  If I have this passion, this fire inside-what was I supposed to be doing with it??   

I love taking photographs.  I love making my clients feel beautiful and feel good about themselves.  I love capturing special milestone moments from behind the camera and giving my clients lasting images of such special memories.  Still, I felt as though there was more….  Taking pretty photographs wasn’t all I was meant to do, was it?

Then I thought about how full my heart feels when I am able to inspiring people.  I realized how joyous I am when I make a difference in people’s lives.  I realized how desperately I cherish the relationships that I have developed with clients and other creatives in this industry.  While trying to figure out how to incorporate these elements into my business, there was also a burning desire to help others in this creative industry.  The confusion I faced there was that I am still so new to this business, how could I possibly have anything of value to teach to other photographers and creatives?!  While I began obsessing over these ideas and questions, I also was longing for a place that I could pour my heart into and share my journey as a budding photographer and small business owner.  

Suddenly it all made sense and I began dreaming of a new blog series that would encompass all of the things my heart was longing to do.  Inspire others, teach what I have learned, and share my experiences.

 With that being said, I am happy to announce that this is the first of many posts in my new series “Faith and Full Time Focus”.

There have been many leaps of faith taken in getting me to this point in my business and there are so many more that I will have to take.  The passion and drive was already engraved into my heart but the education and learning takes time and the occasional trial and error.  I want to share all of those experiences with you… The leaps of faith, the passion, all the things that I am learning, and all the ways that I am moving forward in following my dreams.

While I am not a full time photographer, my heart is set on the potential of growth and the goal of one day being a full time photographer.  I know I am not alone in this dream of following my passion full time.  If you are staying up way past your bedtime to respond to client emails, dedicating so much of your free time to perfecting your craft, and spending your days dreaming of possibilities then I know that you have an exceptional fire inside of you … I know because that same fire is inside of me.  Whatever business you may be dreaming of, whatever hopes and dreams you are currently fostering, I hope that this blog series finds you and I pray that my story inspires you to chase the things that your heart so desperately desires.

I hope to see you again next Friday and every Friday after that for a new post in this series..  Stay tuned for a big announcement that is coming next week!!!  Big things happen with each leap of faith and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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