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How To Look + Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

January 19, 2016

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Guest Blogger: Angie Sanders, Fitness Coach

My main focus as a fitness coach is to share my passion of faith + fitness and help woman realize their value + self worth.  I enjoy helping women lose weight and get healthy, but even more than that is the joy I feel watching women become more self confident and strong.  I believe if you love yourself first, you have more to give to those you love most.

The big day is a big deal. There are so many details that go into planning and orchestrating a wedding. Whether you have a 500+ guest list or are planning on being mountain-top with only your love and a photographer, looking and feeling your best is paramount to truly enjoying your day and having lots of good memories. 

Looking and feeling your best isn’t all about the physical. There are emotional and mental things you can do, too. Here are a few of my top recommendations for brides-to-be who want to be on top of their game leading up to and for their wedding day!

1. Start Now

If you are interested in looking and feeling your best on your wedding day, go ahead and start now. If your wedding is in 2 weeks, start now. If your wedding is in 2 years, start now. The sooner you start taking care of yourself, inside and out, the better. 

2. Do Good Things for your Body

Working out is good for your overall health, good for stress, good for your confidence, good for having a body you love, good for mental balance, etc. Working out will help you tone up so you like the way your dress fits and your pictures look, but it will also help provide you with some valuable “you” time during the frenzy. (Not to mention, it is a great habit to have throughout your life!) Pick a workout that leaves you feeling refreshed and helps you manage stress or anxiety. Whether that is kickboxing or yoga, you will come to love the time you have set aside and love the results. 

The truth is, wedding plans will probably start to take over leaving you tempted to put your physical health on the back burner. As you get started, get some accountability. Bringing people alongside you through a coach, a Challenge Group or a class that won’t let you skip will help you experience all of the benefits of your pre-wedding workout. 

3. Do More Good Things for your Body

How you fuel your body now will also affect your mood and your mental stamina as you get closer and closer to your day. When your body feels good, you feel good! Put healthy things in and you will get to enjoy all of the health that comes from good fuel. Add a multi-vitamin or something power-packed like Shakeology to your day, if you don’t already. The results will help you feel great on the inside, which will radiate to the outside. 

If you don’t know much about eating well, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It is a learning curve you will be glad you mastered as the years go on and you are able to teach your whole family about eating right. I am here to help if you have any questions. 

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking lots of water every day between now and then will do some really remarkable things for you. You will have better skin as you hydrate (who doesn’t want that?), your digestion will function better, you will feel more energetic, your mind will work better, you may even sleep better! Water is like the magic elixir and fountain of youth that everyone is always looking for. Who knew it came right out of the tap?!

5. Create a Beauty Plan

Never wait to the last minute when it comes to your wedding day. Get your haircut, or get that wax, or get any other significant beauty treatment ahead of time. That way, you have time to get used to it, or, God-forbid, time to fix it if something goes awry. 

In addition to getting your major beauty treatments done early, create a week-of plan that includes things like drinking lots of water, doing natural skin treatments like egg-white washes, and getting your nails done. When you know your beauty plan is in place, you won’t have to stress about having the time. It is already set aside. Plus, lots of the things in a beauty plan are fun to do with members of your wedding party, which will improve your spirits and the connection you feel to everyone that will be standing with you. 

6. Make it a Group Project

Lastly, always ask if you want or need help. Be direct about how the people around you can contribute to your well being during this time. There will be a lot to figure out, but don’t worry about doing it alone (unless you are eloping!) and don’t hesitate to get people involved. They will probably love being a part of the festivities as you “assign” them tasks that you don’t need on your own plate. 

Have tips for brides-to-be that you want to share? What are your recommendations or thoughts on looking and feeling your best on your wedding day?

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