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January 8, 2016

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The thing about goals is that they are scary… The reason they are scary is because they are accompanied with the potential to fail.

If we avoid setting annual goals + avoid discussing our goals, then no one has to know that we didn’t reach them if we happen to fail and if we do reach those goals then we pretend like reaching these milestones was luck, or accident, or maybe we announce that it was in fact from hustle but we announce that with a smile + a cheer + pretend like it was easy to get to where we are when in fact it was far from easy.

Sound accurate??  Exactly.  Well, I am choosing for this year to be different.

They are necessary for AHP to grow and thrive.  They are also, however, necessary in keeping me motivated and pushing forward for this dream of mine without hesitation so that on the days when I wonder if this dream is worth it, I can look back on my goals and feel that inspiration that I felt this week while setting them.  In six months, I want to be able to look back on my goals + celebrate for the ones that I have accomplished + also use those unfinished goals as a tool to keep the fire + drive strong inside of me in hopes of accomplishing the rest.

I am- hesitantly- sharing my 2016 goals for AHP today…  Right now.. Right here… On the AHP blog.  I feel the need to point out that I am slightly terrified to hit the “publish” button in a few moments!!  

What if I don’t reach these goals??  What if someone thinks these goals are silly?  What if I am unworthy of reaching these goals?  What if I am reaching just a bit too far with the goals? What if I fail??

All of those thoughts are rushing through my mind, but the truth is that even if I do fail, even if I don’t accomplish these, even if someone else is laughing at me for the goals that I have set- at least I am working towards something…At least I have an end result to work towards… at least I am being honest and vulnerable to everyone that is reading this blog and following my journey.

And if I fail???  Well then that just proves to you all that I am human and that none of us are perfect.  I started this Faith + Full Time Focus series to allow you all to witness my journey as I grow AHP.. So sharing my 2016 goals is just one more aspect of that!

AHP 2016 Goals

1.  Get AHP Licensed as an LLC

2. Begin Using a New Digital Client Management Software System

3.   Photograph AHP’s First Styled Shoot Ever

4. Grow AHP to a Full Time Career

5. Upgrade My Camera Equipment

6.  Attend Abby Grace’s Workshop

7. Book 10 Weddings for 2016

8.  Welcome 120 AHP Client Session bookings in 2016

9. Begin Offering AHP Mentoring Sessions


So, there you have it!!  The thing that I want to point out about these goals is that not a single one of them has a dollar sign next to it…  Thats because my main goal for this year is to focus on living a fulfilling life, be present in every moment, do more of the things that bring joy to my soul, and do less of the things that feel like a heavy weight on my shoulders.  

The last exciting thing that I want to mention is that goal # 1 is already complete and goal #2 is just about complete, and #3 is in the works as well!!  (Of course you know I am going to blog all about those eventually!) and #8 I am especially excited about so stay tuned for more info on that in the near future!!! 🙂

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