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March 11, 2016

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Hi friends!!  Ok, so its 9:30 pm on Thursday.  I have spent three days this week submerged in a blur of warm tea + tissues with a cold.  With that being said, the idea of blogging for today (which is now Friday if you are reading this), seemed entirely out of the question- yet, here I am.

My sweet pups just went outside for a bit before bed.  I sat here just now doing the usual late night instagram scroll.  Seemed like a pretty usual night…  Then I come across a post of another creative that is dreaming up a really big, really wonderful idea that I just know is going to be game changing for them!!  

My first reaction was “I am crazy happy for her + all that she is doing!  I mean, wow!  You go girl!!”

My second reaction was “Well, um, what have I done thats game changing???”  hhmmm…. Confusion…

 I sat there for a moment as I felt the crippling self doubt begin to sneak upon me (Come on, be honest, you know you’ve been there!!!)

Then I had an amazing realization… Does anything amazingly game changing come to my attention when I think of my career?  No.  Have I made a game changing impact in my industy? No.  Do people across the country know my name? No.

But compare my life now to where I was a year ago…  One year ago.  I was probably sitting at my kitchen table talking with my husband about the one session that I had last month and the one wedding that I have on the books for next month and I probably was feeling like I was on top of the world as I prepared for the next day at my 9-5 job.  (I say “probably” but thats literally where I was in life!)

Now compare that to where I am now.  I dont have to go into great detail about this because if you’ve been following my journey then you know where I am in this season of life.

My point is that nothing seems like a big deal until you compare it to TIME.  Maybe I havent come up with that great idea that everyone is going to want to be a part of.  But maybe instead, Ihustled the first few months of this journey + I struggled + I conquered + then I became the owner of a growing small business + I learned a lot + I developed relationships with sweet industry friends that have beautifully impacted my life + I began to find work-life balance with my dear husband + I found a special kind of joy all over again in a way that I never thought was possible. 

So much has changed, so many game changing things have happened.  Did they feel game changing at the time? Maybe not.  But when I look back over the last 365 days, were they game changing?? Absolutely.

Maybe you are sitting where there feeling the same way.  Wondering what have you done that’s game changing… Take a breathe and reflect on where you were exactly this time last year, my friend.  My guess is that you aren’t giving yourself enough credit because you’ve probably done some really amazing, game changing things in the last year. 

We may not always feel like the little victories are impactful all the time.  But lets take 365 days worth of small victories and look at them all at once.  The end results are HUGE and I know that we are just getting started!

So, next time you feel like you aren’t good enough or doing enough or being enough… Think about time + celebrate the small victories + celebrate the season of life that you are experiencing because the little things are what create the big, amazing, impactful things!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!!

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