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March 18, 2016

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Hi friends!!! Its Friday!!  YAY!  And along with amazing Friday joy, I figured I would use today to share some extra exciting news!

Y’all know that I have LOVED being so open + honest with y’all.  I have allowed people in to a front row view of this journey I have been on in growing a small business + chasing my dreams.  I have loved pouring my heart into this business + this blog for y’all because I think that, in some weird way, I feel so connected with everyone that has been reading + supporting this since the beginning!  Even if its just through blog + social media posts, I still consider each of you friends + am so grateful for you!!

Ok, my heart is so full of joy + that is leading me to ramble!!!

I have some really exciting news + I just have to share it with y’all!!  While it may not be anything amazing in some people’s book, its amazing to me- so here it goes!!

Y’all know that a few months ago, I left my 40 hours per week job to accept a part time 30-34 hour position.  The idea behind it was that I would have more time to invest into my business + hopefully continue to grow this dream of mine.  Well friends, that move was SO WORTH IT because it lead me to another big move.  One that just took place one week ago.

I gave my two weeks notice.  Yup!  Now, before you get too excited- keep reading!

I gave my two weeks notice at my day job, but have accepted a new part time day job with another company!  Why leave part time to go part time, you may be asking.  Well, my new part time job will be even less hours a week than I was working before! (Less meaning 6-10 less each week)  It will also allow more flexibility in the schedule, so that if AHP is really busy that week with a crazy schedule, I will have the flexibility to work a hours each day that allow me more time to easily manage my large to do list for the business.  I will also no longer have Saturday hours!  This means that I know, without a doubt, that I am able to book client sessions on Saturdays without worry that I am booking too much for one day…

All of these changes are small changes.. But they are going to produce massively beautiful impacts on my life + my business!!  This is a game changing move for me, friends! Game. Changing.

I know that I not sitting here saying “I am going full time!” (which I know so many of you were probably expecting!)  But in all honesty, I am not ready for AHP to be full time.  I could certainly make it work if I really wanted to right now, but I don’t want to put that pressure on myself.  My business is still young + still growing.  I want to take time to nurture it + allow a thriving chance to succeed!!

The beauty of this new position is that it allows me the steady part time hours to contribute to household finances, while still being able to invest the money I am making from bookings back into AHP!

I am so thrilled about this move + I can’t wait to see where AHP goes from here!!  Having the additional time to continue to grow this little dream of mine is going to be such a blessing as busy season comes into full swing!  I truly believe that this is the gradual path that God has intended for me + that he is setting me up to practice patience + allow AHP to succeed.  I have never felt the slightest bit of anxiousness or stress over this decision + that just makes me feel confident that the path I am following is the one that is meant for me.

So there it is friends!!  My newest exciting move in growing AHP! … The next step in this amazing journey…  I am so blessed, y’all.  So blessed… And grateful that people like you are here supporting me every step of the way!!  I can’t wait to show y’all the amazingness to come as AHP continues to grow this year!

{On a side note- I am fully booked for April + May sessions!! –unless you are interested in a week day session– I am now booking for June, so if you or someone you know is interested in a session, hear me when I say that NOW is the time to get on the AHP calendar!!}

And here is another shot from my headshot session because I felt so joyful in this image + it seems to fit the vibe of todays blog!!  Joyful + exciting!!

Photo by Hope Taylor

Photo by Hope Taylor

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7 Things to Bring to Your Senior Session

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Top 10 Tools I Use to Run My Business

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