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May 13, 2016

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Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

Hi friends!!!  I was a little stumped about what to blog today.  All I felt in my heart to write was a personal post…Just something to describe my life right now paired with all of the goodness that fills my soul.  The boss lady in me has been trying to figure out a more “business” like topic for todays post…But my heart is telling me to go with it.. So here it is.  Real, raw, no objective, no lessons… Just me.

May is my birthday month…Just in case you were wondering!  This girl is excited!!!  For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I were married on our five year dating anniversary.  Which is also the day after my birthday!!  Yup, we had birthday cake at our rehearsal dinner thanks to our sweet family!  Speaking of Brad, he is pretty much makes my heart skip a beat and this season of our life has made me appreciate him in ways that I never have even known before.  I know I swoon over him periodically on the blog and on social media, so I wont get too far into the mushy details, but let me just say that if you havent found “your person” yet, my advice for you is to find someone in which that “lovey dove, just started dating” feeling never goes away.  The truth is that it doesn’t have to, and its an amazing feeling to be in a relationship like this.

Its been three weeks since we announced Baby Hudson.  We were so blown away by the love that everyone has shown + the excitement that you are all feeling for our little bundle of joy.  We find out next week whether Baby H is a he or a she so, needless to say, we are pretty excited about that!!  I have started to feel Baby H move a bit.. Everyone talked about butterflies and pop rocks and bubbles… Well not this girl haha.  I feel thuds.  Its like tumbling or rolling… I thought I was making it up at first but its been happening pretty consistently this week and definitely not the same as normal tummy rumbles.  Mornings are my favorite time because its when she/he balls up in a big knot on one side of my stomach (typically the right side) and just hangs out for a while until I stand up.  I love placing my hand there soaking in the peace of an early morning and just knowing that our sweet baby is there.

I have always struggled with my body image.   (Yup, I said it!  Newsflash, we are al human and i have insecurities just like everyone else!)  Part of me was worried that once we were expecting I would have a hard time with the natural changes that my body would undergo.  Quite frankly, I’ve experienced the exact opposite.  I have adored my changing body.  I love watching Baby H (and my belly) grow and I love the way that I feel.  So full of life and happiness and love for our little one… Pregnancy has brought such a peace into my life that I just can not even explain.  Maybe I will be brave and post about this topic another day.. But for now, whether you’re an expecting mom or a mom with much more wisdom under your belt, either way, just know that you are so very beautiful!!

My business is another amazing blessing in my life right now.  I seriously am amazed, some days in disbelief, and completely grateful for the growth that AHP has experienced… I just thank God for giving me the courage to follow my dreams and for placing this burning desire inside of me because obviously, as always, he knew better than I ever did in years of trying to figure out my life and plan it perfectly.  I only have 8 spots left before I am completely booked for the summer.  I have weddings for 2016, weddings for 2017, and even a sweet couple ready to book as soon as I begin accepting 2018 weddings!  Grateful may be an understatement, but blessed is an absolutely accurate description.  I know I have said it before, but seriously I am proof that if you have a dream in your heart then you shouldn’t let anything hold you back from going after it!  I am an ordinary person.  There really isn’t anything thats overly special about me in a way that would make this easy for me.  It seriously has just been hard work, faith, hustle, lots of heart, and not taking no for an answer.  Having courage + faith can be so life changing, friends… So don’t be afraid and don’t cut yourself short.  Let your imagination run wild, open your heart, and and see where it takes you!

Well, that was a lot for your Friday!  I’m not sure why I felt so compelled to just share what was on my mind and in my heart today, but I felt like the blog needed a bit of realness.  Not necessarily the reality of the beautiful sessions or the lovely wedding images…Just a bit of me on the blog today, a little bit of real life, and a whole lot of my heart.  

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

Photo by Hope Taylor Photography

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