7 Things to Bring to Your Senior Session

You’ve found the perfect photographer to fit your style, you’ve figured out the location, you’ve finally narrowed down what to wear – yay! Now it’s time for your senior session and you may be feeling pretty well off – you are – but there are also a few additional items you can pack to make your experience even better!! In today’s post I’m sharing 7 things that you can bring to your senior session (or portrait session in general) that can really make all the difference! Take a peek!

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Outfits and Accessories

Of course you’ll bring a change of cloths, but don’t forget to also include shoes and other accessories to make each outfit feel unique! Consider jewelry, hats, shoes, scarves, headbands, and other items that can make each outfit special!


This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s forgotten! You’ll be moving a lot during your session. Add the walking, posing, outdoor breeze, and changing of outfits and you for sure can use a brush to smooth out your hair midway through your shoot!

Touch Up Make Up

All of my seniors now have the option to add on site hair and make up to their session, but if thats not the route for you- make sure to bring your own touch up make up! You’ll appreciate what a difference light touch ups of powder and lip color can make in your photos!

Comfy Shoes for Walking

Heels, wedges, and boots look amazing on camera and I definitely recommend them for your portraits. Bring the fun shoe, but give your feet a break and also include a pair of shoes that are easy to walk in! We’ll be moving a lot during your session from one portrait spot to another and your body will appreciate not doing all that walking in fancy shoes! Trust me!

Hobby Props

One way to really make your portraits special is to include hobby items! Do you enjoy spending your free time painting, reading, playing sports, fishing, running, or have any other hobby to pass the time? Awesome! Bring something related to your hobby to your session to take photos with! Sports equipment often feels like the norm, but any hobby item can be awesome! Bring your paint brushes and smock or a stack of your favorite books and reading glasses! This will help make the session feel unique to YOU and that’s what senior portraits are all about!

Seasonal Weather Prep

This one is major!  In the warm months, bring water to stay hydrated and a towel to blot sweat.  It sounds gross, but you’ll thank me later.  In the cooler months, bring a warm jacket and hand warmers to add some extra warmth between shots.  Don’t try to be a hero during your session and pretend to be warm when you’ve got goosebumps on your arm!  Just bring the jacket to keep you from shivering and keep your nose and cheeks from turning bright red!

A Gift for Your Parent

A lot of the time moms or dads attend your session as well! I am happy to have them there because this is always such sentimental time for them. They’re watching their baby take senior photos in prep for graduating high school and heading off to college. It’s a big deal for both of you!! Have you considered a small gift or a card to surprise them with? Something to say “thanks for everything”. Your senior session would be a great time to surprise them with that so that you have photographs of the moment and you can take a really lovely portrait with your parents after!

. . . . . . . . . .

I hope you found today’s post helpful! If you ever have questions about how to make the most out of your portrait experience, I’d be happy to help!! You’re investing a lot in these photos – both in time and financially. I hope that the items mentioned today will help you make an awesome experience even more memorable!!

Hugs – Abby

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