Henley Hudson | Introducing Our Baby Girl

November 18, 2016

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I have so many blog posts of amazing clients that will be shared over the course of the next month, but for now I just had to write a blog introducing y’all to Henley!!!  Yay!!

This little girl is such a blessing in our life!!  She has been since the moment that we found out that we were expecting a baby and now that she is here in our arms we could not be more grateful or more in love with her!!

Brad has been saying for months that we would have a Halloween baby and funny enough I started having contractions halloween night!!  We left home with our bags packed at 11:00 pm on October 31st, checked into the hospital at 12:00 am on November 1st, and our baby girl was born that afternoon at 5:21 pm!!  

No-one can prepare you for the moment that you see your child for the very first time.  After a lot of hours in labor and a couple hours into pushing, I laid there and cried hysterically from pure and utter exhaustion as Brad kissed my forehead.  I was so emotionally and physically drained that I just didn’t know how I could go on any longer.  It had been a very difficult afternoon and my willpower was gone.

The funny thing about childbirth is that whether you feel like you can keep going or not, there is still a baby on the way!!  With that in mind, its an amazing feeling to surpass ever limit and expectation that you’ve set on yourself.  I felt like I couldn’t keep going, and yet there I was still giving the moment ever ounce of energy that I had deep in my soul in hopes of soon meeting our baby girl.

The moment that I saw her sweet face for the first time, I was hysterically crying for a whole new reason!!  That is the moment that everyone tells you about.. the moment that everyone says your life changes and you’re never the same.  Before you have kids its easy to hear the stories and not think twice about them.  Yet, the moment that you experience it for yourself, everything is put into perspective in a way that you‘ve never known before.

I looked at our baby girl and tears poured down my face uncontrollably.  All 7 pounds 13.6 oz 20.5 inches of this little person that was half me, half Brad, and one hundred percent perfect in every way was right in front of me.  I cried as I looked at her sweet face and touched her skin.  For the first time in nine months, the little miracle that had been kicking around inside of me for nine months was right in front of me and suddenly I was feeling emotions that I had never experienced before!!

I watched as Brad held her and the tears continued to stream down my face.  That moment of seeing the man that you’ve loved so much for 8 years holding this little person that you already love more than you could ever imagine… goodness, it is just incredible, yall!!

Henley is now 18 days old!!  She’s as sweet as a button!! Her features seem to change daily and I could just kiss her cheeks all day long!! haha.  Every day is such a gift with her and its been especially wonderful because Brad has been home with us the entire time!!  

Its scary to bring home a human being that you’re now responsible for, but I really do feel so lucky because things have gone so smoothly as we adjust to life as a family of five!! Yes, FIVE, because Jillybean and Sadie Mae are the best four legged big sisters a girl could hope for! haha!!

My heart has never been as full as it is now, yall!  I know that I am so blessed!!  This little family of mine has given me more joy than I could ever dream of!  A few images of Henley’s newborn photos are below!!  I am completely smitten by her sweet self and you better believe that there will be plenty more photos to come!  So, here she is yall!!  Henley Amanda Hudson, welcome to the world baby girl!

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