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October 9, 2015

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I wanted to take utilize today’s Faith + Full Time Focus post to introduce you to my new brand!!  

You may remember a few weeks ago on the HWP blog when I announced that I would be rebranding…  My reasoning behind a rebrand was because I noticed that people were recognizing my work by my personal name more than they were recognizing it by my business name. I also felt like the HWP brand was not clear for anyone newly introduced to my site.  These were massive areas for improvement and I felt in my heart that a rebrand was necessary.  That’s how Abby Hudson Photography was created!

I am head over heels in love with my new brand.

I want all of my clients to be so joyful from their experience with me from start to finish and I wanted my website to convey that sense of happiness and joy.  I wanted it to feel light and airy in colors and images.  I wanted every word to be so heartfelt that visitors feel like we are friends after reading my words.  I am so happy with the way that my personality shines through this site and I am so proud of myself for creating it from scratch!  Ok, so lets chat a bit about the aspects of this brand!!


I wanted something whimsical, but sophisticated at the same time.  I began spending way too much time searching on Pintrest for a logo that would represent my new brand.  I finally realized that while a lot of the logos were pretty, none of them called out to me.  Thats when I decided to break down and invest in someone that would create a unique one for me!

I had been following Maghon of All She Wrote Notes on Instagram for a while.  I have no idea how I stumbled across her site but I have been in love with her work ever since!  Not only is she one of the most colorful people I have ever seen, but she is incredibly talented in her calligraphy and she even teaches #CalligraphyYall!  I wasn’t sure if she would be interested in creating a logo for me- but what did I have to lose by reaching out to her right?!  Well, turns out I was pretty lucky because she was more than happy to work with me on a logo!!

I sent her a few logos that I had created for the new brand and expressed what I like and didn’t like about each one.  Aside from that, I gave her free range!  She would hand write three logos for me and once I chose the final design, she would then go through the process of making it digital.  She sent me three really fabulous logo options.  Each of them were beautiful in their own way!  I asked her if it was possible to combine two of the logos to create a hybrid of the two and she was so kind in doing so!!  The final product was beautiful and gorgeous and I could have cried when she sent it!  (The final product is the one that you see here of course!!)

Color Palette:

With a brand new logo, it was then time to begin putting my website together.  First things first, I needed to settle on a color scheme.  I pinned many different complimenting colors on a Pintrest board to draw inspiration from.  I found a lot of really pretty colors that would look nice on my new site.  As I began putting them into place on the new site, I realized that I was drawn more towards simplicity.  This lead me to settle on a mono chromatic color scheme featuring a shade of blue that is a nice cross between teal and pale blue.  Too simplistic can sometimes be a bad thing and in this case I felt as though a plain blue background was not enough to compliment my new fantastic logo.  This lead me to the Quatrefoil design that you now see surrounding my desktop site!!


You may notice in this site that the images to represent my work are all recent images!  I am so proud of the consistency in my work these last few months and I really feel like this new site showcases the product that my clients can expect!

Package Creations:

If you have been to the Galleries page while browsing, then you may have noticed two different packages that have been added to my business plan!!  The Wedding Collection andThe Senior Experience!!  I have offered wedding photography and senior portraits for a while, but with my new brand and business plan, I wanted to make this a defined experience for prospective clients.  While I love photographing families and children, weddings and seniors have definitely been the area that I realize how strong I am in those two areas and how passionate I am about both of them.  Therefore, I wanted to create a package that was tailored especially to them!!  The Wedding Collection and The Senior Experience both are set packages with the optimal features to result in not only a positive client experience, but also a memorable one!


I have business hashtags, y’all!!! Yay!!  I was going to discuss these today but instead have decided to dedicate that topic to its own post!  Monday’s blog topic will be about the new hashtags and I can’t wait to introduce y’all to them!


That’s it!! Thats me and this is my new brand!!  I hope y’all love it just as much as I do!!  Thank you for following along!  I can’t wait to see you back here Monday for another post about the AHP rebrand!! {Yay for Hashtags!}


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