Looking Back on Blessings and Ahead To New Adventures

December 15, 2016

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Earlier this week, over a glass of Pinot Noir (my drink of choice when the holidays arrive), I started to reflect.  I sat thinking about this entire year and all the changes that came within 2016.  

In january, my church spoke about listening to God’s purpose for you and listening to the plan he had for us all.  A plan that could be summed up in one word.  “What was that word?”

Well, I sat for weeks trying to listen and hear Him tell me what that word was, but I could never quite figure it out.  I thought that maybe I wasn’t listening hard enough or maybe I just didnt have a word.

However, looking back on the last twelve months, I realize that my word was growth.  Growth of my business which went full time, growth of our family with the birth of our baby girl, growth of confidence as I began to find myself in ways I never knew possible, growth of more joy than I ever imagined. 


I sat here over that glass of wine, thinking hard as I looked ahead to the new year and tried to imagine the life ahead of us that would be wrapped into 356 days of newness.

Again, I sat here and thought “What is that word?”

Well, the difference in the question earlier this year and the question I asked now, was that the answer came to me before I could finish the question.

Slow Down.  

That was all I could ear in my head on repeat louder than any other thought at the moment.

I sat confused because while “slowing down” sounded nice, it didnt feel right.  Maternity leave with Henley was my opportunity to slow down.  I didnt feel in my heart that 2017 was meant for the same.

Confusion sat in and I really just wanted to laugh at myself because I figured “Here goes another year of not knowing what my word is!!”

But then I realized that I was only hearing a portion of what was meant to be heard.

2017 wasn’t going to be about slowing down.  It is meant to be lived out with intention.


That was my word for the upcoming year.

I love my family.  Our baby girl is the greatest blessing we ever could have asked for.  I also love my business which was “my baby” for so long.  Both require attention from me and both need me in order to grow.

The beauty that I’ve come to realize is that I dont have to choose between the two.  I can be a great wife, I can be an amazing mom, and I can also live out my dreams while rocking out in my business.

It’ll be a lot of moving parts, but it can all be done as long as I am intentional in all aspects of my life.  The way I spend my time, the way things are scheduled, the things I say yes to putting on my plate…  Each decision, if made with intention, will lead me down the path of fulfillment for His plan for my life.  (And not just my life, but our life together as a family)

I look ahead to the upcoming new year and I already feel so emotional.  2016 was such a wonderful year for us.  2017 has every potential of being the same and I have so much hope and faith as we approach all new adventures in store for us.

So, I end this post today with one question.  Whats your word for 2017??

What is the thing that God has placed on your mind and in your heart that should be your overall theme to live by in the coming year??

Maybe you know what it is right now in this very moment.  Maybe its going to take you a while of sitting down and really listening to finally hear it.  Maybe its a word that you’re excited about, maybe its going to be a challenge, maybe its a word that you dont fully understand yet…

No matter what the case may be, I hope that you take a chance to look back on the blessings of 2016, look forward to new adventures in 2017, and open your heart to accept all the goodness that He has in store for you.

From our family to yours with love, faith, and cheer- Happy holidays, yall!

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