Macey | Senior Session | Reedville, Virginia

I literally cant get over all of the amazing seniors that I’ve had so far this year and Macey is the perfect example of that!!  I probably laughed the most during her session because she is just that much fun to be around!!  Oh, and she has a completely radiant smile to match her completely hysterical personality!

Macey is a senior at Northumberland High School.  We started her session on the ball field because softball is such a huge part of her life!!  After that, we headed down to take pictures of her near the water in the quiet town of Reedville.  

This girl is so laid back you would just not even believe!!  I could tell from the moment that I met her in person that she is completely in tuned with who she is and what she stands for and no part of her was confused about that.  The way she laughed, talked, dressed, and acted were all so genuine and I could tell that it was all “Macey”!

Its easy to get caught up in doing whats popular when you’re in school, but its a beautiful thing when you meet someone that goes against the grain a bit and isn’t afraid to let her personality shine!!  

The session started off gorgeous with lots of sunshine!!  After that, clouds started to roll in just about the time we were taking photos on the dock and then one of those pesky summer thunderstorms came through!  We took shelter under a covered porch and chatted until the storm passed but that was such a great opportunity to get to know her and her family better.  After the storm, we got right back to finishing up her session and had her sister join us for a few pictures of the two of them together since she would soon be leaving for college!

This was such a great session and I loved hanging out with Macey that evening!!  My favorites from her session are below and I cant wait for you to see!!

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