Maternity Leave and Welcoming Our Baby Girl

October 25, 2016

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Well friends, the day is drawing near!!  T minus 2 days until Baby H’s due date!!  In all honesty, Im literally shocked that she’s not here already!!  I was expecting her weeks ago!  From about midway through my pregnancy I just had a gut feeling that she’d be here early.  I had a gut feeling that Baby H was a girl, and she is, so I figured that this gut feeling would be accurate as well.

With that in mind, we set her furniture up early, we stocked up on essentials, I packed the hospital bag, Brad installed the car seat and then we waited… and waited… and we are still here waiting!!  Needless to say, my “gut feeling” that she’d be here weeks early was a little off!! haha

Its a funny thing being 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.. I sort of feeling like a ticking time bomb haha.  Everyone is waiting for me to go into labor at any moment!!  Everyone including myself of course!  Every cramp and every weird feeling stops me in my tracks and makes me think “Is this it?? IS it happening??”.  I feel like I’m living on the edge of suspense!

I get daily texts ranging from 2 a day to 5 a day from various friends and family asking how I’m feeling or how the baby is doing. Everyone is just so excited and I know that this little girl is coming into a world that loves her so much already!

I’ve been trying my best to savor these last few weeks of pregnancy because I know how sacred of an experience this is.  However, believe me when I say that we are SO ready to meet this sweet angel!!  

Let me follow that by saying that it is not a complaint.  Please don’t confuse my “readiness” with ungratefulness because that would be so inaccurate.  I would never be oblivious enough to be ungrateful for this season of life for even a millisecond because I know that there are so many woman that would give anything to be in my shoes.  

Never once have I taken this pregnancy for granite because I know how lucky I am and my heart breaks for those woman out there that are longing to experience this season of life.  If you are one of those women, I just want you to know that you’ve been on my mind this entire time and I’ll forever keep you in my prayers.  

But yes, ready is an accurate description.  We have just been dreaming of this little girl for 9 months and we are so excited to meet her.  This season of life has been beautiful.  It was all so new- every aspect of it!  Every craving, every sickness, every moment of pure exhaustion, every bathroom break, every funny text to a close friend asking the weird pregnancy questions that no one talks about… It was all so new!!

But so were the other aspects of this season… Every time I got to hear her fluttering heartbeat, every moment I spent sitting in my car outside of the doctors office with an ultrasound image of a baby inside my belly that had grown so much since the last appointment, every time my husband’s hand was on my belly to feel her, every smile we exchanged as the reality set in for us, every moment that he took care of me no matter what I needed whether it was a drink from the fridge or a back rub to help me fall asleep, every giggle that he and I shared over what pregnancy symptom I was experiencing at that moment, every moment that Jill or Sadie would snuggle up on my baby belly, every moment that I confided in Brad’s ever calm soul when I began to feel anxious, every look in the mirror at my growing belly, and every. single. baby. kick. that felt more like a miracle with each passing second.

This season brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how amazing it has been.  My heart has never felt gratitude the way that it does in this current moment.  I have an amazing husband that I know was created just for me, I have had an amazing pregnancy, and we have a healthy baby girl that has grown to full term and will be here at any moment…. These are all such beautiful miracles that no one could ever leave up to chance.  I know that the Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and, while I may never understand why, I will forever be grateful.

I know that the next season is going to be an entirely new adventure of its own.  Its going to be filled with a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of diaper changes.  Some days are going to feel more difficult than others, but I am so ready for it all and I am so excited to experience it with Brad by my side, two pups at my feet, and a baby in my arms.

So!!  That being said- this is my last “work” day friends!!  My “out of office” responder is active, and my business is in a good place of being “caught up” and ready for me to take some time away from it.  I’m not sure how much time is enough time but, in a few weeks once I am ready, I’ll begin blogging, scheduling sessions, and answering emails again before I begin shooting again in January.  (Yup, you heard it- I’m still scheduling sessions and weddings for 2017, so please send your friends my way because I would love to welcome them as clients!)  

I worked SO hard this summer to make sure that when this moment came, I could take a step back from being the ever busy entrepreneur and take time to savor the beginning of this new season of life as a new mom with a sweet newborn.  These next few weeks are going to be some of the most amazing of our life and I want to spend every single moment soaking it up to the fullest extent!!

When I’m ready- I’ll also begin blogging again 🙂  I still have SO many amazing sessions to blog from this year.  Take a peek below of the fabulous people and gorgeousness that is in the pipeline for once I begin again!! EEK!!  Its going to be fantastic!!!

Until then, make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for plenty of Baby H joy!! 

Last but not least- I have to shout a huge thank you to all of you!!  I am so grateful for your support of this business of mine, I am so grateful for your encouragement during this season of my life, and Brad and I are so grateful for the friends and family that already love and care for our girl so much!!!  We love y’all!!

. . . . .

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