Rosie, Rosie!!!  Yall, let me tell you about this girl!!!  Her session wins for the absolute coldest session I shot all through the 2017/2018 winter.  It was literally freezing, we were on the water, and the wind was blowiiiinnng!!  Seriously SO cold.  I was bundled up and I could barely stand it.  Yet, Rosie- being […]

Senior Sessions


2023 Spokesmodel Team 
Fall Shoot

Senior session

Spring 2023
Family Mini

mini session

Creating a Life You Love - A Five Part Series


Why I Decided to Stop Sharing Our Children's Photos Online


Well, what better way to enjoy a Virginia snow day than to be sharing one of my favorite engagement sessions to date?!  This was one of those sessions that I’ve almost been nervous to share only because I love it so much that I wanted to make sure that my post did it justice!! Stephanie […]

Stephanie and Troy An Alturia Farms Engagement Session In The Fall - Manquin, Virginia


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Back in July, I hosted my very first Camera Basics For Beginners class in Tappahannock, Virginia!  After a few hours sitting around together over coffee learning about how to use their cameras, the attendees and I headed to the hands on portion of the class where a handful of my senior spokesmodels would model for […]

Senior Spokesmodels and Summertime Glow Tappahannock, Virginia

Senior Sessions

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