A Classic Spring Styled Shoot at Stratford Hall

I have been SO ready to share this post from the moment that I took these images last year, but blogging it was one of those projects that I wanted to really commit to and deliver in the best way possible.  With my perfectionist tendencies, I kept putting it off waiting for the ‘perfect time’.  […]



2023 Spokesmodel Team 
Fall Shoot

Senior session

Spring 2023
Family Mini

mini session

Creating a Life You Love - A Five Part Series


Why I Decided to Stop Sharing Our Children's Photos Online


You know that feeling when you show up to a good friends wedding??  The kind where you’re so incredibly excited that your friends are about to be married that you can hardly contain your joy and your day is full of laughter?? 

Well that was the case at Friday’s wedding at Rock Hill Plantation in Stafford, Virginia.  The only difference is that these aren’t lifelong friends.  This was actually the only other time that I had seen Courtney and Billy aside from their engagement session, but these two certainly felt like old friends from the very beginning.

Courtney and Billy | Married | Rock Hill Plantation Staford, Virginia


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