Avoiding A Disservice To Your Clients A Reoccurring Mistake & How To Avoid It

July 18, 2017

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I know, I know.. the title sounds kind of scary, right?  Or are you confused?  “Did she mean to say service or disservice?” … Nope you heard me right.  I said disservice!

I’ve noticed a trend in the photography industry and I know deep down that it probably needs to stop.  My little blog post may not make much of an impact on the entire industry, but I am hoping that it speaks to at least someone!!

When my business first started to pick up, the bright, colorful, vibrant photography style was totally “in”.  Which was actually fine by me because I was already drawn to images like that when I was searching for a photographer for our wedding before Abby Hudson Photography even existed.

Then, there was a shift in the industry and the popular style transitioned to images that are low in contrast and desaturated.  This style can easily vary and be seen been seen with light shadows for the “light and airy” look or dark shadows for a “moody” look.

Neither style- vibrant, light, or moody – is right or wrong.  It’s all a matter of what the creator is drawn to and thinks is beautiful.

But heres the problem that I am seeing over and over and over again…

Photographers are constantly changing their edits to fit with what is what is trending..

Heres what I see in that and why I refer to it as a problem…

First of all, if you are constantly jumping from one style to the next, you’re never being true to what you see as beautiful and genuine.

Secondly- are you ever actually reaching your idea client if you’re not creating work that you personally favor??  Maybe you’re attracting a bubbly bride with a colorful edit and maybe you’re attracting someone with more edge with a moody edit.  Which one is your ideal client and which one are you trying to attract?!

Lastly and most importantly however, you’re dis-servicing your clients.

How?? So glad you asked..

Lets pretend that I am a bride and I book you 18 months out for my wedding.  You have a beautiful, bright, colorful portfolio and I love it!  Well, 18 months later, you’ve changed your style completely to match what is popular and you’re now showcasing dark, moody images.

Think of how disheartening that could be for me, the bride, when I receive my wedding gallery full of dark moody images when I had actually booked you because you were bright and colorful.

Now, let me clarify in saying that I am not referring to the natural evolution of our work.  Our work is bound to change throughout our careers and thats a good thing!  It means that we are growing and learning and mastering our craft!!

However, I feel very strongly that one of the worst thing we can do for our businesses, our reputations as artists, and our clients is to constantly be concerned in keeping up with what is in and what is popular because the in things and the popular things will always be changing.

By focusing more on being trendy with our photographs, we aren’t focusing on being genuine to what we are drawn to and see as beautiful.  But!  I promise you that genuineness will carry you further in your business than trendy ever will.

So, take a minute to think about the images that you’ve been producing lately.  Do they speak to you personally because thats what you think is beautiful, or did you create them to fit with the “in” crowd??

I encourage you to step back and really dig deep to decide the direction that you want to take with the images you are producing and how you want your images and your business to be represented and then STICK WITH IT.

Now, I don’t want you to misunderstand what I am saying because I know that it’s ok to change!!  We learn more about ourselves every day and change is a healthy part of that!!  I encourage us all the master our craft!!  But!  Just make sure that when you do make a change, its because there’s genuine purpose behind the change and an overall goal of representing yourself better and serving your clients well, not just a change to fit in because, in reality, are you trying to fit in with your ideal client or are you trying to fit in with a sea of other photographers??

I’d be willing to bet that serving your clients well with consistent imagery that represents you, your brand, and your ideal client will bring you more money than fitting in with the “in crowd” photographers and on trend editing styles! 🙂

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