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Three Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

February 2, 2016

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Oh my!  AHP’s For The Blushing Bride series is coming to a close!!!  The final post means that it must be my turn to share my expertise with the Bride-to-Be!!

I have spent the better part of my business focusing on delivering an amazing, unforgettable experience for all of my AHP clients, especially my #BridesOfAHP!  I wanted to use that knowledge that I have gained and turn it into valuable information for brides as well!!

It would be easy for me to say “Im a photographer!  Pick Me!!!”… That would be too easy and a little bit forceful though wouldn’t it?!  I would love to work with you as your wedding photographer.  I am so thankful for every bride that has considered me and booked me… But the truth is that, more than just wanting to book a bride, I want to make sure that she feels like she has hit the jackpot with a photographer that she is 110% excited to have capture her wedding day.  With that in mind, I am offering you a few tips for when it comes time to choose your wedding photographer!!

3 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

1 | You Should Connect With Your Photographer

You will be spending more time with your photographer than you will with your groom on your wedding day!  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but in all honesty, your photographer will be with you from start to finish on one of the biggest, sweetest, most intimate days of your life!!!

With that in mind, connecting with your photographer is key to enjoying the experience you have with them!  You should be able to laugh with your photographer, feel comfortable with your photographer, feel genuinely cared for by your photographer, and trust your photographer!!  You dont want to spend your wedding day with someone that you are uncomfortable around or someone that is going to burst your bubble on such a special day!!!

2 | Remember That It’s An Investment

As you search for your wedding photographer, remember that cheaper isn’t always better!! I know, I know, of course the photographer would say that!!!  But hear me out….

When you are investing in your photographer, you are not just paying for someone to come and take a few snap shots… (Lets be real- Everyone knows how to use a camera these days… Its not hard to find someone with a camera that can pop it into “Auto” and press the button and tell you to “Stand there”!)

What you are actually paying for when you invest in your photographer is much more than you see on the initial surface… 

You are paying for their experience.  You are paying for professional equipment.  You are paying for their knowledge of how to use that equiptment properly.  You are paying for the endless amounts of time that they have invested in their growth + knowledge to ensure that they are prepared to capture your day perfectly. 

You are paying for the ability to trust that they will know how to pose you to make you look and feel amazing in fornt of the camera.  You are paying for their knowledge of lighting and how to utilize the light in a way that is complimenting in your images.  You are paying for their creativity.

 You are paying for them to capture images of your special day that are just as beautiful as you remember.  You are paying for images for your children and their children to cherish.  You are paying for images that will bring you back to that very moment each time you look at them.  You are paying for the experience the photographer is delivering.  

You are paying for the promise they are giving you to take exceptional care of you + your groom on one of the most special days of your life thus far!!  … So when you are looking at the price tag and thinking that cheaper is better, I encourage you to dig just a little deeper and reconsider!

3 | Book The Engagement Session

Kind of an odd final point, right?? Well, I feel rather passionately about this one!  One of the biggest tips I have for you in finding your perfect photographer is to book an engagement session with them!!  This session allows you to work with them without the pressure of the actual wedding day!! You will be able to interact with them and see exactly what you can expect on your big day!  

The additional beauty of this session is that it can be a “trial run”!!  What I mean by that, is its just the engagement session!  So if you didnt “click” with the photographer or if you weren’t happy with your images, then you’ve only lost a few hours of your day and you have lost your entire wedding day to them!!  

The engagement session will also allow you to warm up in front of the camera!!  It gives you and your groom a chance to get those nervous feelings out now, rather than on the wedding day!!  This will allow you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on the big day and you will enjoy portrait time much more!!

. . . . . 

I hope that these tips are helpful as you begin selecting your wedding vendors!  If you ave any questions, need guidance, or need advice as you are looking for your photographer- I would be so happy to help you!!  The Wedding Colelction information can be found here or you can connect with me by any of the options below.  Congratulations on your engagement and don’t forget to cherish these moments leading up to your wedding day!!  They are SO special!!

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