Top Ten Tools I Use To Run My Business

Picking up a camera is easy, running a business efficiently is a whole different story! This many years into business and I finally feel like office work is running seamlessly. Today I’m sharing ten tools that I use every day to keep business running smoothly!

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This is what I use for all of my client communications. From inquiries, emails, scheduling, contracts, questionnaires, proposals, payments and invoicing, accounting files, and probably so much more that Im forgetting – my business changed drastically from the first time I started using Honeybook and I’ve been using it ever since! Literally can’t imagine how complicated client communication would be without this! (Try it for yourself HERE !)

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This is the platform I use to create my website! I love that literally EVERY aspect of my web design can be customized the way that I want it!! You can start from scratch or purchase beautiful templates to make your online space one of a kind!


This is another game changing program and I use it to cull images! It cut down my cull time by more than half! Not only does it help make culling a breeze as far as time goes, I also love that you can star and color rate images if you need to separate them!


I use Lightroom to edit all of my images! Color, exposure, cropping, etc etc the list goes on. It’s essential for me!


I don’t use Photoshop as often as Lightroom, but its amazing to have when I need to edit things like acne, bruises, or background distractions out of an image!


I use Cloudspot for all gallery deliveries!! I love that I can quickly and easily load all of the images, customize their gallery, and then email a direct download file straight to my clients from there! Their customer service has always been spot on, as well!


I use Dropbox mainly for working with my editor! She lives in Florida while I’m in Virginia, so it’s amazing to easily share files with her. I can load her files and then just shoot an email to her from Dropbox saying the files are ready! She can pull the files on her end, finish them, and then reload them back for me! Super easy!


Another game changer! You pull high resolution images into BlogStomp and then “Stomp” them which will make the high res file a lower resolution. This is perfect for adding images into a blog where you don’t need the full high res image, but still want a beautiful photo to share for viewing!


I use InDesign to create all of my client guides! From pricing templates to style guides, my bridal guide, and more – InDesign gives me a blank canvas to create beautiful magazine layouts!


I’m sure we all appreciate the power of Zoom after the last year, but it really has been an amazing resource for my business! It makes meetings with clients such a joy since we are able to put faces with names and voices!

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If you have any questions about the programs I mentioned today, feel free to shoot me a message and I’m happy to chat more with you and encourage you in your journey!! Hugs!- Abby

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