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March 9, 2018

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I spent a lot of 2017 in a state of overwhelm and I decided early on that I wasn’t going to give away another year to feeling that way.  I started making changes to my daily routine to combat that and there was one small, yet mighty change that helped clear my brain from the overwhelm of a plate that felt too full that I want to share with you today!

That’s where Trello comes in!!  I use Trello for my personal and professional life!  Not only am I keeping track of all of my responsibilities, thoughts, and lists- but I’ve also found that I get MORE checked off of my lists, by having it thoughtfully organized!

Below I am sharing how I utilize Trello and take control over my life!  My hope is that this may be that small but mighty change that some of you have been longing for and hopefully that can bring some calm to responsibilities that sometimes feel demanding.

.  .  .  .  .

The short version of things to know- is that within Trello you create “boards”, inside of those boards are “lists”, and within those lists are “cards”!  For those of you that are still with me after that last sentence, I’d love to share what that looks like for me and then you can customize it to fit your needs if you decide to give Trello a shot.  One tip that I prefer is to label your boards starting with 1. 2. 3. and so on, that way you see your boards in order starting from most important/most used, rather than alphabetically!  Thats just my personal preference!  Here’s a look inside of how I use Trello!

Board #1. To Do

My first board is labeled “To Do” and that houses all of my to-do lists!  Once I click on that board, I have different lists labeled “To Do Today”, “To Do ASAP”, “T0 Do Soon”,  “To Do Eventually”, and “Completed”.  Then, as tasks arise, I just create a card to add said tasks to their designated lists!!  “To Do Today” items are usually can’t wait, need to be done tasks.  As time passes, I move items back and forth from my “asap” and “soon” lists as needed and once items are complete, I drag them to my “completed” list.  I personally enjoy having these on a separate list, rather than deleting them, so that if I ever wonder “Did I ever do such and such?” I can just go back to my completed list and look!!

I also really love this particular board for to-do lists because it illuminated the “I need to remember to do ____” thoughts.  Rather than pretending like “I won’t forget that”, I created a habit of adding it to my Trello board immediately after it pops into my mind!

Board #2. Clients

My second board is for keeping track of active clients!  I have boards listed as “2018 Weddings” “2018 Portrait Clients” and “2019 Weddings”.  Within each of those lists, I have created a separate card for each client along with their session date so that the most important information is the first thing that I see!  I can drag these client cards to be in order of first to last per date, but you could also organize them alphabetically if you wanted!  Within each client card, I have checklists!  So that I can see what I have done and what still needs to be done for each particular client!

Board #3. Blog Ideas

I constantly have ideas for blogs swimming around in my mind.  Sometimes I would jot them down on a sticky note (which was inevitably lost) and sometimes I would lie to myself in thinking that I would remember the idea.  Both resulted in me completely forgetting what ideas I had been fostering and made me feel lost when it came time to actually write.  Now, as ideas arise, I just jot down my thoughts in Trello!  I have lists labeled with different categories so that I can easily narrow down what I want to blog at any given time.



Board #4. To Save For

This one may seem random, but its actually been SUPER helpful for our family!!  A few months ago, Brad and I started using the Dave Ramsey method to set our family up for financial success.  We were able to pay off some debt and make better financial decisions for our family (all of which I’d love to share with you in a future blog, but thats another day).  You could say that our experience with Dave Ramsey inspired this board!  I have a list of business items to save for and a list of personal items to save for, that way if there is ever some wiggle room in our budget, we aren’t blowing through the money $50 here and $20 there until its gone.  We can actually save for and purchase things that we want that will hold more meaning and value to us in the long run.


.  .  .

So!  There you have it!!  I have spent too much time living in a constant state of overwhelm.  But!  Now thanks to organized lists and integrating Trello into my life and workflow, I have found more calm in our daily life than ever.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things and feeling exhausted keeping track of it all, give Trello a try and let me know how it works for you!!!

Confession to all you paper loving friends- I was once an all paper kind of gal too.  I even tried Trello a few years ago and hated it!!  But!  Now that I understand it better and was able to created boards and lists in a manner that benefited me most, I love it!  I also love how much freedom it has given me and just how much cleared headspace I have now!!  Best of luck to you friend!!


Top Image: Photography by Abby Hudson Photography, Stationary by Twila and Co, Silk Ribbon by Courtney Inghram

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7 Things to Bring to Your Senior Session

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